YANNO: The IMPLEMENTATION PLAN is the most critical part of any business relationship moving forward in agreement to pay or serve or manufacture or provide

Technologically, I'm ambidextrous [ had to spell check that one:  thank you GOOGLE with its Blogspot for bloggers >> to be able to right click, then backspace the underlined in red until misspelled word is highlighted in pink -> right click again } GOOGLE will give you options, you can even look up THESAURUS or SYNONYMS (words that have similar meaning)  ] and choices of words' spelling.

Technically ambidextrous?

Huh?  What does THAT mean?  I can think in abstract based on how it is being done, in my head.  The problem with that is, unless it is clarified, I assume it will follow the path that makes sense to me, unless it is spelled out.


Being ambidextrous also means that I can think, talk, and write at the same time.

 --> yanno, (yah, I know)

adding the technological part means I can insert a good idea that should be able to work technically.  

A strong support team

is critical in moving anything forward.  Let me explain.


Schedule a meeting of the minds i.e. whomever is responsible for answering:  "who can do that or get that done?" persons in your organization.  Obviously, it would be the top down, by level designation, then department, then by ownership, then by responsibility.


Ensure you have plenty of supplies.  Get a set of flipboard+colored markers per group of five people who will be in attendance.


Prior to meeting, have your plan in place for segments of teams you want to be grouped together, so there is no scrambling or delays by being disorganized.  Essentially, this will establish your attendees list, then you can ensure that you have everyone's email.

Save time now, save face later.

The better organized you are for this meeting, the more likely it will be both successful and fruitful.  
Who will be invited to join, will also determine its success.  By having a plan, you will likely clock in close to the time ending.


Top boss should be invited first > send an email to his/her Executive Assistant introducing yourself and a brief background on what will be covered.  If said CEO or OWNER is not available, you may as well cancel having any meeting and stop putting any sweat into trying to push water up hill.  It is the top boss' responsibility to be able to answer to owners, investors or shareholders how business gets done.  In fact, the company's portfolio should already itemized this to attract more money or funding.  

What are YOU trying to do?

You is head honcho, meeting facilitator gets it done - designated contact on top boss' designated attendee.  Why you need this because you are trying to map out how the business gets done:  from the initial order date, who took the order, who follows up the order/ensures that it can be done?

The most successful executives I've had the pleasure of working with, don't do everything, yet they can answer intricate details about his/her business.  That is because before anyone forks over any money, as investor or financial or shareholder would tell you, sometimes they either want or they need to know some of the nitty gritty aspects of operations/delivery.

You have this meeting of the minds to map it all out in intricate detail.  Every tiny baby step or click that takes the customer from the start to the finish line.


You maybe think it all is ordered online from the e-commerce portion of your website.  Well, what happens before the customer CAN order your service from your website?  


Depending upon the size of your sphere of influence, you need to ensure that you have a facility to have that many people.

OFF SITE productivity

Right around the corner from me is a highway with majestic panorama views of our fields and mountains as the backdrop.  I would imagine this fabulous inn not that far that caters to the fine dining, elegant meeting setting, and even accommodations if out of town attendees are required (or everyone is flying here -- let me plan your event for 10-12 people.


Set the target date:  date services start or item will be in the hands of the customer, agreed to or required by customer in agreement entered in for your delivery or start date of services or products to be provided.  This date NEVER moves.  If you are going to be a service oriented company, typically aligned with quality, you are going to have to stick to your commitment(s).  Your reputation demands that and your pocket book stakes everything on that commitment.

..... to be continued


WHAT they're NOT informing you under PRIVACY 

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