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Where there's smoke, there's fire: influencers or fraudsters?

Jeannette Marshall
studied Marketing & Management at Business

GREAT question: Why do some “social media influencers” resort to shady practices (i.e. buy followers/likes/comments) instead of growing genuine engagement?
Let me answer both questions — hopefully, you will consider them adequate.
First and foremost, the same principles apply when you network using social networking.
Some earn the right to be referenced as an influencer because they fly in the same speed and altitude as many, perhaps spending more time cultivating their connections from a blip on the screen to an everlasting true connection (direct interaction between two members on the same platform is commonly deemed “influencers”.
Secondly, some say “ I am, therefore, am deemed so” (ref to an online influence). They could be transparently sharing the known measurement stick as others, i.e. Klout | Be Known For What You Love or Home.Kred.
Thirdly, those third party algorithm experts are tracking a combination of a potpourri of attributes, to rise up above the crowd and establish her or his self as a topic expert.
Usually, there are tools developed that provide that information about their social media users or engagers. These people use the substantiation of the 3rd parties to pull out the person of having an online “expertise”.
The aforementioned circulate around the name, engage with those with similar interests, by introduction to others who have taken the time to build their skill set in such a way they can provide some knowledge and circulate around many options.
Twitter and Klout show remarkable transparency that allow questions to be answered like:
  • what is the chance someone becomes familiar with a champion of a topic or share content consistently on a particular topic that interests others? As you increase posting while others click your posts - leave to go read it, sometimes leading a comment on the linked page that has become a weighty topic; Like how Tump and his communications team run it similiar to business as usual, while he, himself, very specifically isolates a situation and then Tweets on what is wrong, with others usually, his tweets are expressive on his reponses to a headline or communicate his opinion.
  • there is only you. you have a pseudonym name that you piggy pack of with your real name, linked to a specific hashtag that seems to go along with the message in 140 characters or less.
  • The trend to follow or “like one can change abruptly, usually by a jump in audience numbers. am effective consistency in message, which it be a political standpoint, a philosophical perspective. The spike in followers can come right after.
  • Some truly are gurus on the path or journey they are, passionate about, or welfare or concern that they take personal interest in: i.e. anti-bullying right across the board to local important happenings
  • Others can be deemed Brand Ambassador. That is a lot greater attempt at being sincere and communicating or expressing their voice, maybe accompanied by a cool article they sourced (reference to the source is standard best practice.
  • Online reputation management can be a larger scope by a big major entity that reigns over a specific space: i.e. comedy, art, photography, updates, tribe-filled groups who are supporting that person, brand or identity.
  • What you click any where, any time, the likelihood being you are seeking justification on your stand on a topic, express yourself creatively that places you steadily in a certain lane ( may be the topic classification while the material you post may be dedicated to making education an important topic that others may want to speak to (or Tweet or Facebook post or Pinterest board.
  • Kinship. Some groups of individuals are formed that focus on a specific topic, discussed accordingly by following and using the appropriate #Hashtag that it relates to. Lots of “How to’s” and information abounds while remaining consistent under the umbrella of opinion.

Slowly, steady, consistent content is THE BEST way to hail a tribe and start being considered an authority on certain topics. Simply buying followers is not doing anyone any good. You are far better off growing your following steadily and measured, tracked, shown, information or data starts to produce numbers that satisfy the anointment of being considered an expert.

I use a couple of tools, like KRED and KLOUT, that evens the playing field across the board while it emphasizing the topic or communication stream that is easily identified by your profile, your posts and your actions.

For authenticity and credibility, one cannot merely have a blanket statement on their profile that they cannot substantiate. Others participate in online #chats in Twitter that show the hashtag title and falls under “MOMENTS” on Twitter if it explodes with activity, clicks, brand new posts, using brand new features (i.e. GIFs instead of an image) to beat the same drum over and over again.
In summary, there is definitely fun to be had, discussions to become consumed with, information that is identified.

The best guideline: be as honest as safety allows by what you post online. Stay away from controversial topics, unless you get charged up to have a healthy debate on something you feel passionate about.
Finally, as you circulate and engage directly with followers, you discover what information folks gravitate towards hearing from you about. A reward for your diligence leaves you with a road map on what areas appeal to you, varied and situational reactions.
The easiest part is uncovering lots of tools, opinions, quotes, recommendations that you particularly show an interest in.
All this information is available at your fingertips. All the social media sites and business networking sites can help you with fact checking (avoid misleading or untrue interpretations), researching and becoming invested in reading those numbers that will tell you a story::… expunge information for you to tap into and help guide you or lead the way to an area or topic that people react favorably to.
Avoid experts. They say that are an expert at something. You just now need to become more familiar with those third party algorithm genius who prove the beacon to shine on you to be enlightened from. An expert, in my opinion, is when you have steadily grown your reputation and consistently circulate around specific topics or with those who appear to be knowledgeable about it.

About the Author

Jeannette Marshall

Jeannette Marshall

BUZZveloper @optioneerJM blogHER+MOST VIEWED Business Development Writer: QUORA
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Studied Marketing & Management at Business
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Jeannette's background has success written across operations management, new business development, service delivery, service management, solution sales, team leadership, major accounts management, project management, brand & content development, web page creativity, change management, social media, enterprise IT, content curation and loyalty/retention.  She has been effectively been coached by executives, clients, mentors & stakeholders of distinguished global leading organization: IKON, Xerox, HP, Telus(Canada)

In 2010, Jeannette got fired up when introduced to social media and thought :: it's the next BIG thing!  Creating a pseudonym @optioneerJM she sought to seek out & research information to answer an insightful question :: could she apply this knowledge to create a unique identity online?  Leaning on her advertising, business savvy and creative mind emerged a name:

  "If the Internet is the information highway, then Social Media is the bullet train."                   ~Jeannette Marshall as @optioneerJM #Quote

The excitement Jeannette has created has been contagious. Her refreshing enthusiasm merged with expansive knowledge gained from curiosity is widely embraced by her global audience & following.

Her originality is dispensed by content curating, resourceful writing and keen visual optics applied with a unique business savvy:::awarded Top 1% online influence by KRED (yes, compared to whomever is trending today), Klout Score  77% (by 3rd party talent who apply algorithm metrics to emerge brands::to score influence, assign credibility, access a larger audience::she recognized instinctively the eventuality that online influence, beyond fame, will become a currency to attract traditional brands clamoring to gain recognition averse to traditional means, minus SEO, to land on honesty.

Perhaps she can help you?  Some have tested her to see their scores double (credibility with brand enforcer ) discovering that :: if you stay consistent to your passion, goals and beliefs, you will emerge glorified as a visionary.

Very very very few have been acclaimed visionaries.  Jeannette is one.

super STARS!

Today is my Friday.  Yip-e-DO~DA!

I had started to reflect on promises I want to make, and to really internalize it and strive to make it happen.  I have started to put into practice the great qualities are to succeed in sales into my own life.  Huh?  Well, think about it:  if you can't keep a promise to yourself, how can you ever find meaning?

I mentally rehearsed my practice, most likely several times, then I put it into writing.  What blogging allows me to do is put ideas to practice.  The ones that bloom from instinct, creativity and intelligence with strong economic value.  

It went something like this .... I treasure most of my really great mentors and friends.  They will instinctively know who they are.  Some could be someone I mentored to help others.   This particular friend who was not only a mentor AND A friend, they were and are a CHEERLEADER.  Most of my strongest connections are those that treasure my values, because they know that is my biggest currency in life.  Profoundly amazing, very often humbling by either an example to live by or someone very strong and mild.  

LOL, I could sidetrack about personality identifications, another hobby of mine, added to social media, blogging, and student of demography.  

This very great friend/mentor/cheerleader kind of asked me or told me, see how wise they are because I couldn't tell which.  Why ... DO...nt.....YOU....Blog more about sales again?  So, that's been brewing at the back of mind and decided to put it into practice.  Write more about sales.  Then I wanted the re-entry to be remarkable and outstanding.  Something of which only the greatest of sales man or lady could relate to:  What are the things that can be identified in characteristics which you would probably use to identify the biggest of super star (actuals or traits) to pluck out of the very narrow talent pool.  

So the theory will soon show through.  If applied, and it works WONDERbar! If it doesn't?  Go back to the START over!  What are some of the unique characteristics of only the SUPER STARS?  The audience can decide if it believable or the participators can verify if it is foolproof.

Kind of where your own answers, or experiences, or success are going to collect into a group of the super super achievers.  Or, a humble super achiever (sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself) is just getting these amazing results that is taking her or him really high in achievement and he or she starts to wonder if it is a stroke of luck, they're being imposters, or they actually can relate!  That is the test of social media and the #bestofeverything ... can a common voice push up one common trend among all the networking sites?  That's part of THAT experiment.

So, today to a) write about sales, and b) talk about, or start with, what defines a super star?  Exceeding the results of which the top 25 percent of the population have barely entered.  Another sidebar and thought process tugging to the left .... can it be defined with association by the most gifted in so many offshoots like music, artistry, writing, designers, imagineers, 

So, I'm going to start with some of the things that I come up with that would make me think in sales terms that may make me different than the molded corporate suit, adaptable and creative.  LOL, jumping ahead just a tad bit.

Here we go:  what are the most unique qualities about me (as it may relate to business, management, marketing, sales or social media; with an ability to launch new initiatives).  Besides those I guess, here they are:

1) FREAKAZOID:  Maybe one of the freadazoid things about me, and what may have happened to allow me to achieve success in sales is because I actually like creating a "TO DO" list.   (Can you imagine how thriving I am because it is my Friday, and I am going to lux in extasy creating this LIST).

2) LAID BACK or DRAMA QUEEN? For as lax adaxial as I may seem, underneath the bubbly, energetic and often wise demeanor, to the point.  Yes, no, I'll get back to you within _____ hours or minutes and tried to never miss that.  I can go from leaning in attentive to stand at attention and create motivation!  

3)  ENERGETIC or STOID?  If you ask people who know me or have met me, they're first description will almost always be to describe me:  ENERGETIC.  Then they sense this scrutiny, taking it all in and sounding it all back:  must mean a STOID!  Especially, when crafting a proposal or crunching numbers.

4)  HONEST TO A FAULT.  Okay, I was just cheating because if you read 3) you have connecting some other really great attributes among ENERGETIC or STOID, crafting proposals or crunching numbers.    But really great SUPER STARS seem to be trusted automatically.  These folks greatest indignity is when trust is given and abused.  

5)  TRUST< TRUSTED<TRUSTING.  Amazing if you put those three qualities behind a character, you will uncover one of the most uncanny talented contributions.  How many people in your life can you can identify by those three things:  trust+trusted+trusting.  I would challenge to find those three ingredients combined multiply in being a SUPER STAR.

Well, folks.  That is a start within the world of sales.  I am moving on to new goals, slowly being discovered.  The potential within me, and by that karma will attract the most remarkable people.  That are either a) identified as one or b) want to be one.

You may likely stay tuned.  I would be very appreciative if you subscribe, even if you hardly ever visit.  I'm not asking you for money, while I share my secrets to the world.  To demonstrate the difference between online editorial or traditional printed media.

There are more qualities I will share.  I just ask if you visit more than once, subscribe.  I won't force you to comment (never works anyhow except with the inauthentic "I'll scratch yours if you scratch mine" membership).  

I discovered this article on Business Insider  after I had written this post three days ago, and found it worthy to include this.  What struck me is its reinforcement of what I was getting at:  you can be competent and intelligent, however, if people don't deem you trustworthy, they may negatively perceive you!

Oh, if you know of anyone who may want a leg up online advertising:  share the link to my blog and let them know that I have a few spots available, at wholesale, not third party rates.  I haven't assigned any numbers, as I originally said before New Year's, that I would accept bids.  

You see, I am tenacious.  Another extreme quality that I'll throw in.  Those that are can identify with and others want those qualities, will tell others, that there is a fairly unique concept of blogging and sharing images that could be an advertisement (which is really a .jpeg) that I can upload as an image after I'm paid with currency or crapola in kind.

The above image was extrapolated from a long ago Google search.  I do that sometimes:  look for one thing and another one snaps into view so you save later and use.  That is the case of this caricature:  I think it is to resemble Cameron Diaz.  It isn't as much as the physical resemblance as the exuberance of attitude that grabbed me.  My vibe, my charisma, it captured in that image.  Thanks to the artist. (unknown)

Hey guys and gals,

If you like my sales, marketing, social media and business side, you may like to read about my more personal side of life in Meanderings about ... being a fabulous fashionista fighting her fifties.  I just share some of the things I like on the sidebars, which sometimes I update as I go along, or when it strikes me.

Or, the expulsion of my hobby about demography The inBETWEENers where I ponder, research and exude theories and fact about characteristics of those born from 1960 to 1965, neither Baby Boomer nor Generation X.

 Appreciate it.  Thanks to all my Facebook and Twitter fans!  You really are the #bestofeverything ... remarkable, talented, intelligent: who look for the #bestofeverything ... always.

If you want me to give you a hand, pop me a note to to see what I can do.
Happy New Years!
Continued success in 2016,

WHOLESALE blog advertising: a brave new www

Remember about a month ago when this blog was up for bid with the deadline all set for midnight New Year's eve, with the closest to the second would be deemed the highest bid? Then SOLD!  Well, that was a pretty basic idea for untapped potential to marketers:  where the steak doesn't sizzle out, the clouded crowded environment doesn't drown you out.  

I know, I didn't share a dollar amount so I could imagine folks would be skeptical.  I wasn't, my page views were still racking up, so folks were stopping in. 


I know it didn't work because I'm still here!!!  Almost sounds like a hoax to me.  Except I was the one spearheading it, so I know I was keen.   Yes, I did say it was an experiment, so I did do that: along with stepping outside my comfort zone.  Every once in a while on social media, you have to test the loyalty of your followers.  Not in a way that there are winners or losers, but in a way to see how one-sided my support of others may be.  There truly was a win:  I learned a lot and think it is worth pursuing again, another day, another time.  I have other fish to fry and cliches to come up with.


Yes, I do have some assembled loyalty, perhaps founded upon curiosity.  Some visited.  Many more stayed away.

Now, what am I up to?  Well, the cup is half full and don't give up baby, when one door closes another one opens.. quality goes to those that wait.. all that jazz.  

What evolved from trying to sell a pre-packaged brand (of note, January 13, 2016 ~ this is a missed marketing opportunity) is this latest idea:  why would a brand place only ... or RESTRICT their product placement solely in the hands of GOOGLE ads?  Why not do the same as most advertising purchasing is done:  carefully researched market targetted media, usually traditional media such as television, radio and print -- instead, you find, or you're pitched to place an ad, your logo, or video on blogs that you find would reach your target audience or expand your brand?  

Serious inquiries only:

I'm sniffing out any maverick spending out there that may want a big BANG for their buck: specific placement, aesthetic layout, established audience and so on in the world of ROI (return on investment).

Yep folks, less brazenly than this post, you can place an ad on this blog at "wholesale prices".  Cut out the middle man or woman as it may be.  

TRIBUTE TO:  David Bowie RIP January 10, 2016

You pay the big bucks for the imagination, why aren't they tapping into new avenues to get their message out?  Did someone say social media?  You be the judge, or the buyer, or a renter.

Viral advertising is a scam #bestofeverything

David Ogilvy

"Our business is infested with idiots who try to impress by using pretentious jargon."
~David Ogilvy

This is the time of year when the count down starts.  Media organizations clamber for attention in this space:  so WHAT were the top stories of 2015?  We can all decide what resonated with us when we include the hashtag #bestofeverything and start it trending, to stay at the top.  WHY?  Because it is up to the populace to decide what we think, not the media to tell us what they think we should.

The emergence of the IoT:  Internet of Things or what I would like to consider the power at the disposal of anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference.  We can decide what is best for making our world a better place.

Consider what surfaces in trending on Twitter tends to be what the people say it is.  What story resonates with people in real time?  The hashtag is now the tool for everyone to use to decide what they want to read.  It has no borders, it has no financial gain, it has no political clout.  It is simply what people everywhere, anywhere use to strengthen their position on what matters to them.

"Never write an advertisement which you wouldn't want your family to read.  You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife.  Don't tell them to mine." 
~David Ogilvy

If you're anything like me, I'm a little tired of being told what is important to me.  Thus, the creation of #bestofeverything hashtag.  I will say what songs I like, what movie is best, what charity is doing the most with the donations, what matters to me at the present day, present time.  The beauty of a hashtag is that you can go back on it and click so that anything and everything covered under #bestofeverything is sorted and appears in a sequence.  


Pretty inspiring if you think about it.  

I look back at a blog I wrote a couple of years ago called:  "Advertising boxes out Social Media"  where I evaluated the news and opinions at the time on how traditional advertising is being hung on to by the major brands.  I would endeavour to state that it was because the decision makers who plunk their money down on the roulette of response or ROI: return on investment.

"I notice increasing reluctance on the part of marketing executives to use judgment; they are coming to rely too much on research, and they use it as a drunkard uses a lamp post for support, rather than for illumination." 
~David Ogilvy

I'm a little giddy now.  It IS happening.  Brands are hiring agencies to spin stories in such a way that it fools the viral community into thinking it is a feel good story and is shared like the California Wild Fires

I called it back then, assertively calling it for what it was:  West Jet's feel good story back on giving gifts to unsuspecting recipients -- advertorial that leverages social media:  You Tube sensation and beyond.

"You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand.  Image means personality.  Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the marketplace." 
~David Ogilvy

This week, I watched a story on Canada's CBC News on how West Jet is putting together another story that they hope will have the same results as before.  It was calculated, it was created and it was formulated so that people will click on it and VOILA!  They have free advertising ... in their own words.

"The pursuit of excellence is less profitable than the pursuit of bigness, but it can be more satisfying."  
~David Ogilvy

I called it back then and now it isn't surprising.  Social media gurus have been saying for at least five years, that social media has the ability to be free, explosive and immediate by reaching all corners of the sphere. As in all things remarkable, there is the good and the bad.

"Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving."  
~David Ogilvy
This is where my opinion comes in:  back in the day, when I was in magazine advertising sales, and it still holds true to print media still today, that a story has a greater impact than any other form of advertising.  My first business book I read was just after high school in the early 1980s, on the eclipse of media power, "Confessions of an Advertising Man: Ogilvy on Advertising" an icon to many of that world, sharing his opinion and valuable advice that telling stories will have a greater appeal than an image or creating desire.

To the dismay of so many government bodies and regulatory organizations, they have no power over the internet.  Although print media has to have the disclaimer "Advertorial" on the top of any advertisement that appears like a story to fool folks out of thinking that they are reading a carefully crafted advertising piece.  

So, how do you distinguish the targeted, intentional advertising that has a main goal: to go viral.  They have teams of artistic, creative geniuses behind the force to create a viral hit.  The accidents will be fewer and farther between, while many folks will be fooled to think that it is a viral, feel good story.  When, in fact, it is created, written, acted (sometimes with or without employees or with hired actors), filmed, video, recorded and launched on social media:  You Tube, Twitter -- two of the greatest fuels for hashtags.  
Reader, observer:  beware.  They are trying to trick you into thinking it is an accidental capture of a feel good, or tear jerker  so that you will share, comment, and send it off into viral heaven.  

Best Online Advertising Tools

"If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative."  
~David Ogilvy

One can't help but wonder if any regulatory enforcement will be launched to force brands to tribute it as such:  advertorial.  Perhaps a warning:  "If you click on this, you will be helping this company advertise for free."

The interesting part is there are folks that can and still do launch a viral explosion without a creative machine behind them.  Will people be able to distinguish it as such?  When I commented on West Jet's viral hit a few years back, I had a lot of irate people rant at me for not appreciating the wonderful work that West Jet was doing and couldn't I just be nice and accept it as a nice story that happened to go viral because people got free gifts (including a pair of socks).  According to others, it was hailed as "marketing gold".  For what?  Tricking people?

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself."  
~David Ogilvy

I was trying to let the cat out of the bag then, and now they're broadcasting under CBC's story on how they are putting together this year's viral hit.  I'd like to think people are more informed and savvy.  However, the rules on print media to label "advertising" as what it is should be captured by the You Tubes and Twitters of the world to only allow it if it is labeled as a "sponsored promotion".  Make the rules for those who think they are so clever to break it.

One can't help but wonder if these same airlines paid as much attention to their customers by ensuring they get frequent flyer program points they may end up in the same monetary gain.  Rather than padding themselves on the back for fooling people.

It should be labeled as advertising.  It should be highlighted as "sponsored ads" and within the rules of marketing that has been around for decades.  Or simply, people will just ignore it and they will have to chalk it up to a poor return on their investment .... or the fact that people are wiser now.

"The best ideas come as jokes.  Make your thinking as funny as possible."  
~David Ogilvy

My choice for the best print ad for 2015

Visuals promote your message

I have referenced this topic before in my blogging:  visuals support and promote your message on social media.  If you want to attract clicks, shares, reposts, you will increase it by 80% if it is supported by a great visual.

Why 80%?  Well, back in the day, when I was selling magazine advertising, we were handed this stat to feed advertisers, that color advertising increases viewership by 80%.  I used this stat today, simply because it is probably at least that.  I will research and add to this post any statistics I find from reliable sources.  Or, if you can add, let the comments roll .....

There are several established social media stars who use photography as a means to tag and share the photos on their own, or with a quote, or with mere words.

I find Pinterest to be the best platform that allows you to save and organize your images.  I almost always save my favorite photos to Pinterest so that I can reference or use later on.  Or, like, many, simply save for visual stimulation or appreciation of photographer talent.

I do try to give credit where credit is due.  After all, photographers readily share their work with intent to earn revenue.  I'd hazard a guess, that it is hard to police who is sharing your work.  I would recommend a subtle credit within the image to your website, or 500pix, Flickr, InstaGRAM, Tumblr, Google+ or wherever it is you post most of your work.  (Hint, if you're an artist or photographer it is wise to be on those sites to promote your work).  

If I'm using a link, Infographic or photograph for more ongoing reference on my Blog, I will write a note under the CONTACTS page asking permission or notifying the source, that I am doing so.  I've never been declined.  Although, I have to say, except one cartoonist who wanted money.  Since I am a non profit blogger, without posting ads (I used to but found them too distracting and it takes forever to earn any income from Google, so I now bypass that annoyance).

I'm curious about copyright laws as it relates to the web.  As mentioned, if you put it out there, it seems that people will gobble it up ... the challenge is they do that for free.  

If you are not an online business venture, website for commercial business or brand, then the least you can do is credit the photographer or artist.  However, with so many shares, reposts, and social sharing sites, it is difficult to give the proper nod to credit, if the originating image isn't credit.

To emphasize my point, just look at the images that have been liked or shared the most this week:


Simon Sebastian is smart.  His home page has his images consolidated with quotes that must speak to him as an artist or conveys a message that he feels resonate with the image.  Notice he also has all the smart references discretely included on his photograph -- name, website and copyright.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, there are some great ones that start circulating that aren't credited.  This one is a favorite.  Whimsical images with animals are popular and often a hit.

This week, this superb image of Marilyn Monroe has gotten a lot of traction.  Images with famous people go over well and attract attention.  Remember, you are trying to attract people's attention to your message.


The point to this is that you can usually find and credit the source of the talent.  You just can't be lazy.  It may take you a few more minutes to search for it.  The artist and photographer will appreciate it.  Their images can still be sold commercially to be used on website or printed materials like brochures, marketing collateral, annual reports, or ads so it isn't an exercise in vain.  

You can help exposure by including, by habit, the credit.  If they are savvy, which most aren't as vigilant because their skill and craft is in images, not always business.

The iconic portrayal of alltime favorite sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, was found on Pinterest with credit sourced: which within that to find the artist Vovoskedi on Deviant Art - a popular site for creative talent in pop culture.  (I did comment so that Vovoskedi would know I had shared it and credited).  I give the creative the opportunity to ask me to remove it.  If you're trying to get more widespread recognition, it certainly won't hurt.

The following resonated with my mood yesterday, I tweeted it on Twitter, used it to show appreciation of followers and friends on Facebook ("good friends protect you from the elements") 

Sadly, credit to the photographer wasn't given.  I went so far as 500px and keyed in the photo number, as shown, and got an error message.  That is disappointing when you are trying to go out of your way to credit them.

By clicking on the VISIT SITE link on Pinterest I was able to find the source of this photo that is appealing to many:  

SOURCE:  Image on Flickr by Larry Gerbrandt

Scenes are popular with many .... maybe reminders of home or dreams to visit.  Others, resonate with what is going on at the moment.  With our cousins to the south soon to be celebrating American Thanksgiving, I wonder how many of you want to try to sharing this with your Thanksgiving cheer?  Apple pie and the American Flag are symbolic and memorable.  By seeking to assign the appropriate credit, I unmasked another great site for finding superb images:  The Chive.

So go ahead and try it.  Attach an image to your quote, message, tweet, post, share and see how far it can take you.  Your fans will appreciate it almost as much as the talent you are crediting.