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PERSISTENCE pays .....

I think that overall, in general, and in sales ::.... persistence pays:

I'm going to have to go digging in my blog-mess ...... why didn't i label them better or could i create folders within folders like i can on many #MICROSOFT user-friendly clicks; 

If that doesn't stink, then imagine me trying to create a website with .... i swear this is the third time i've gone there and they are the worst user friendly, and full of glitches.  How many times do we have to hear or read about something that we have to register the fact that somebody is doing a major MAJOR push on advertising spend:  

Or, alternatively thinking::..... who is being BIG BROTHER and becoming so in tune with my habits:  would that be GOOGLE or APPLE (i have a #MicroSoft PC, Apple iPAD, Apple iPhone6x64gb) where my every thought is surrounded by them, ready to pounce on my click to immediately float out the ads thought to be of interest to me.  Then again, MicroSoft is getting pretty intuitive these days.  I keep getting that steady circle next to the ever-loving "START" button on high alert::.... do i or don't i start being lazy?  Yet, that could mean that i could be blogging at breakneck speed from so much knowledge, and data paraded in front of me.



There's some nifty maneuvering going on out there with these content Kings like BUFFER, POCKET, PINTEREST who have partnered up with GOOGLE's Chrome (old habits die hard, i will be like tissue paper never succumbing to the pressure of calling itself a KLEENEX).  Google can rename itself to fall under Alphabet as it is scrambling to the top of the heap for being a 'data' company.  Just you watch.  While everyone else starts turning around and looking across the floor, wondering how they could have lost the race even though they couldn't find the light at the end of the finish line.  

I've shared before (and here I go looking again to insert otherwise my blogs would be shorter, quicker and not encumbered by fact checking or research (perhaps enter content captures like the every incredible IFTTT).   

@ifttt knows how to jump hoops around data.  Where Facebook and Google are faced off in the ring together, to win the "data champion of the world" platinum ring, Google leading because its grasp of the "obvious" still continues to astound everyone else.  Remember on G+ [ googlePLUS GOOGLEplus Google+ google+ ] you don't "follow" people, you have them in your circles.  How more ZEN can you get?  It sure would resonate with the other big jump in the information world:  MINDFULNESS.  There, I've written a bit more about it while meanderingsABOUT blogging.  

Write a book, film a documentary Michael Moore (it would be right up your alley to mock what is considered general belief to knock everyone's socks off with your seriously talented eye and creativity.  The epitome of what I want to be like when I grow up:  insightful, creative, honest and real.  Except, right now, I am looking to create that by writing words.

I can only write words when I am aware of what is going on around me.  Absorbing and gulping down an array of words, poems, quotes, quips clashing in conflict with the creative eye drawn to things of beauty.  There is so much of that out there.  Huh, I guess I can really take this "Mindfulness" and wrap my own head around it better.  

Like a snake or octopus (that i've referred to myself affectionately a few times on INBETWEENERS that I've recently named:  YUPPYdom ..... realizing, through writing, that as I sift through the years, totally opposite of what MINDFULNESS is all about ::.... staying in the PRESENT time, moment, second.  That is a very very very hard thing to do.

As an assignment, try following along with me as I check it all out and just reiterate in my own words founded by my own presumptions, just interpreting what I see, hear, watch but mostly READ what is going on around me.  NOW and put a HALT to thinking about tomorrow's appointments or yesterday's regret.

Sorry, sidebar (URCH, SCREECHhhhhh) Why is it that we only "dwell" in the past.  Or we "recall" the mishaps, segmented down to seconds of instant swayed reaction which would have better ramifications.  That's a screenplay idea isn't it?  Well, that's an area I haven't tried.  LOL, I haven't even got near to writing a book.  In the back of my mind, I'm writing it.  I started organizing it by blogs of different topics that interest me:  commentary | publishing | life+love+lifestyle (including beauty and fashion, underscored by admitting I stumble around on POLYVORE ::... to design and test my DIVA worthiness.  

In sales, as in life, you have to have a level of persistence.  Think of it as being graceful ballerina compared to INDY race.  You just don't have time for a bucket list ::.... or do you?  Why not?  Something that could be further investigated and written about on YUPPYdom with Word Press.

I promised a comparison between Google's Blogspot and Word Press and I've been dragging my fingers.  I guess the jury isn't in yet.  My knuckles and main readership derived and arrived by creating this blog, with Google, when my instincts told me to write about how sacred Google would become.  Heroic of "only in Game of Thrones" masterful proportions.  

It isn't fair either on user-friendliness because I was fumbling around when I first created this Blog back in 2010 (yes, soooooooo or sewwwwwwwwwwww many years ago).  To being more comfortable and confident in searching for something and which partnership is supporting others the most.

Under that note, I have to say that I started out supporting SocialFave out of admiration and respect for +Philippe  since we connected on Linked In when I was a brand-spanking-newbie on social media.  Linked In is where I dipped my toes in.   As I answer people's question in person all the time:  do I really need to be on Twitter? Geez whiz kidz YEsBIZ ::... defining it as a way of casting your personalized net across the universe and seeing what stays in that web you are pulling ashore.   I like how Twitter enables me to reach deeper and deeper inside of myself to experiment, discover new information channels, build better awareness for the NOW (still massively, almost impossible, tough).    

As what often happens in any clique or popularity group, a few start to get bored and maybe even roll their eyes at each other before slowly creeping out of the room before anyone notices.  Many of the YUPPY folks of my youth were amassed under the umbrella of LINKED IN, with the Millennials pushing us from behind, the genX totally crushed in between.  A few went exploring new and intriguing ways to communicate and amass even more information, across every mile possible (even space if you paid attention to the Canadian Astronaut who was teaching science to kids from space, as the Space Commander).  

By then, I'd carefully placed my basket of goodies:  knowledge, experience, character, fashionista style, gregarious personality in with Google, while I left to explore places like Twitter and much later on Facebook and glimmer from Pinterest.    There were no user manuals.  Which seems ridiculously odd for the YUPPY ~hood who were in the thick of the 80s when Bible/Quaran-thick manuals were dumped on us from everywhere!  You couldn't buy anything without being indebted to all the plastic, books, booklets and encyclopedias came with it.  Enter my era of the 90s.  The persistent patience presented an opportunity to be interested in something, be savvy about it, and then sell it.

Yes, I have been lucky.  Or, does success fall upon those at the right place and right time?    Busted, I know.  That is NOT a MINDFUL thought.  Then again, like space explorers now or sea travelers back then, pushing all us to move beyond our own squared, boxed in thinking.  So narrow in views that peace is less of an option.  As long as two opposing parties believe that they have the ONLY answer, we will struggle to move beyond so much turmoil around us today.  Then again, lucky if you were born when I was.  I am more familiar with sifting through hype and reality, think about the short shelf of the disco era?  If it were up to the Yuppy generation, it would be right up there as a sub-culture of rock and roll.  

Right now, I am mindful and thankful for +SocialFave and the team.  What a great tool for customizing one's Twitter relationship.  More like an extension for the Twitter devotee than a tool.  A great example of perseverance, persistence by the founder.  I'm too polite to ask whether it has paid off yet.  I'm going to guess not, because I want to sprinkle back that business savvy gained from sales hiccups.  The pay off is ultimately the longest wait.  As my dad would always ask me, sidetracking me quickly and surprisingly or more nurturing and understanding:  "What is the pay off?".  Great idea to keep that question close at hand, to assist with the struggle of not dwelling on the past or hurry to quickly towards the future.  A nice way to say, hey, I like it NOW.

Sweat equity

 Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”

It goes without saying that I am lucky.

I am honored to be amount a distinguished group who continuously inspire me.  

They are the true champions that demonstrate that you can find your path to 

freedom which is gained by freedom from employment. 

These people are the gutzy ones.

 They have taken their gift of liking people and people liking them to a whole 

new level.  They have awesome personalities that have won fans because

they have consistent, positive messages, images, share knowledge for the 

good of the people worldwide.

Social media superstars

Social media superstars by my own definition are those that have been able to

 take their talent to attract multiple fans and turn it into a business adventure.

They are not famous musicians, artists, actors, writers or heads of large 

corporations (that can they can leverage to increase their presence and where 

people pay heed to them solely because of that fact).

They are not power hungry politicians.  They are not followed because of who 

they are but by what they represent:  social media power.

At the feet of these powerhouse social media rock stars is information, images,

quotes, advice, smarts, intuitive ability to tweet, post or share what resonates

most with the average person and the not-so-average.

Many are following their dreams hitched to their passion:  whether it is

 statesmanship by  +Sean Gardner country music from   +Jessica Northey or

or wisdom from +Libby Baker Sweiger  or +Leanne Hoagland-Smith  or a 

contagiously positive personality like +Dave Reynolds .

I had coffee with a former stellar colleague Philip 

yesterday.  We all know those people who stand heads

 taller philosophically than most with whom we

 stay connected with.    Having coffee with Philip 

restored my faith by the reminder of how lucky I am to 

have so many great experiences I have and the 

opportunity to have learned from the best people and

honored to have worked with.

I often credit Linked In

Linked In was where it all started for me.  I was driven by the desire to keep in 

touch with the best of many who have  something unique to offer:  Like 

Philip, I have found my former colleagues from Xerox to be the most talented

 and positive people to have been worked with.  Thanks Michael R.

 Kimerbly O.  Then there is a great mentor Rodger G. (President of a very 

important big company) and There were many others, but they haven't been into 

the commitment of keeping in touch.

Some have helped me, supported me, worked with me, mentored me, or shared

wonderful friendships without any expectations of  reciprocation like May C. 

Donna D. Evelyn J. Jay D. Kathy C.  Jeanne P. and others who  remind me daily 

how faith and friendship, firmly at the core, can help rejuvenate one, inspire 

others, and motivate many.  My best source of learning are rooted firmly with 

my kids:  Kyle, Chantal, and Kelsey whose conversations frequently push me 

outside my own views to see things from their young, up-and-coming and 

youthful perspective.   Fortunately, they are have an entourage that count me

among their unique adult source of information, philosophy and most of all


There are those who only know me from

 social media that optimistically sense

 would expand their great connection of

 friendship if I were lucky enough to 

meet personally like +Sandy Hubbard 

+Mike Lehr +Joseph Ruiz to name just

few.  Gems in their own aura of giving, 

knowledge, sharing and gift of relating to

real people.  There are a couple whom

 I would like to recognize for their constant

 support of my posts with a like or a share.  I

 look forward to the opportunity to work

 with you in the not too distant future when

complete my website and engage your

 SEO savvy knowledge and graceful 

imagery -- the best the world has to offer:

 +Syed Mazhar Shah +EsmatMorshedy who 

exude talent combined with humility while 

making inroads towards fame.  You are

 always there Mazhar and Esmat, and never

 go unnoticed.

Watch for updates in the upcoming couple of months while I put sweat equity to

 task to help someone launch their social media for their service offering that 

will revolutionize an industry and follow the mantra by Steve Jobs that

 inspires endless +SteveJobsFans across the universe:  find something that the 

populace of people don't know they need yet will enrich their lives.

Dear friends, readers, followers, subscribers:  thank you for your faith and 

commitment in watching me grow.  

You can #follow me here:

The #bestofeverything launch: September 20, 2015

Doing this was quite awkward.  Writing, being, expressiveness has been cloaked by the persona.  Creating a perception of someone between a fairy godmother and a twenty-something.  Full of charge-de-vive and anything is possible exhuberance.  At this quiet ponsive self-reflection.  Behind the mask of the sparkled green eyes, contently knowing that she is her own person.  

Gently casting aside any of the doubt, uncertainties she swallowed whole.  There grazed tiny bursts of wrinkles were like minute soft brushes of an artist's touch.  A rarity to see any pretty face to have light shadows in the precise right place at her cheek bone, eye brow, ski slope nose, with ski jump cut off to glide down to the lips.  The lips were neither unnaturally full or meanness thin.  

Businesses want unique and vibrant new approaches to win in the competitive environment.  It was not what anyone would have imagined.  Someone who could have been voted in as "least likely" could write without limitations.  Calm over reception, and patient on a growing following, she started to write for her heart.  Knowing that to glide gracefully into middle age, with a kinship of followers.  Those so many brilliant contributors to our world:  you deserve the #bestofeverything .  I have sprinkled #bestofeverything around the web and social media world.  

Without any doctorate, she was insightful and could burst forward and upward such incredible tales, art, photography bounced over into social media integrity.
Support good causes.  Promote the good things that the citizen's of the world who are kind, creative,, inspiring, knowledgeable and tuned in.  Landing firmly on instinctively what they craved.  To create a means to which the online or social media could decide for themselves what is popular, good, motivational, spiritual, inspirational so that readership grew.  

People everywhere turned their Twitter, their favorite bloggers, InstaGram to take the temperature of the world.  Breaths of fear on all opposing factions were felt in unison.  

UTOPIA.  Whether by history of occurrence, they forgot what it felt like to be able to ignore the mere harmless to hideous events.  

IRONIC.  As they paid less and less attention to the likes of violence, blood bursting cuts, civil unrest, boastfulness.  The immunity great to no longer watching anything violent.  It was no longer in their instincts.  Ideals to be violent or hate widdled away and became less and less.  If the world's brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, security settled softly on what could ever have been anything but an optimistic world, where hate was suffocated out by soulfull humanity,  caring for health or those less healthy.


Education was a social gathering, embraced by the majority.  Families had fun, hugged neighbours, and heros were scattered around.  They embraced, financed, secured, flew up the pinnacle of learning and expanding knowledge.  In its dust lay particles of what was considered high IQs a decade past.

Science was the most distinguished occupation to aspire to which was sometimes, very few, could accomplish both science and computing.  Curiosity was boosted in the children's schools, Gliding in harmony with sports as the best adrenaline rush.  

Ignorance of the past worlds, or so shortly ago, was the way to go.  To get better, stay positive, set goals you find reaching within your sight.  The goals of tarnished pasts, were left aside, like sanitation fields in our lives. 

The governments did not create controversies and were respected and revered when honored with high office based on their unified vote.  The positive examples sliced carefully throughout their lives jolting us to chase corruption, dishonesty, self-serving power, violence or war.  Which found to be settling as such a fine dust, the family's dog brushes the minuet slivers out into the air, with a push of the wind, onto the lapping waters, the sunset orangely casting a glow to scent the fish to jump out of the waters, disarmed by the cleansing that catch and the water did.

The best leaders were innovators, genuine geniuses, information,  puritists,  void of gossip, sensationalism, horror, or violence.  Honor among thieves were only known by the tales of braveness, courage, patience, and love overcame the lost souls.

The network and telephony towers were dismantled only leaving one clear link:  the internet, world wide web.  The steel from the structures of the television stations, radio celebrity mics, and leftover wire donated to the creators of sculptures and statues that were never defaced, driven into, jumped on or marked in the slightest.  

As unlike any global change, some rebelled to the sudden outlook shift.  They had once been loved, idolized and up on top at almost anything they could do on the backs of the disadvantaged, single parents, poor, uneducated, sick outcasts.  They, unwisely, thought that shananigans and soap operas would win their dwaining audience followers back to play.  Not once not ever.  They faded and dwindled to a backdrop as brick, stones, wood -- surfaces that are never once the same, the same color throughout, a roughness to the touch so that one would remove their hand.  

The glory began to be celebrated not by any specific date by occurrence ... the freedom to create anything magical was the straw that catapulted meodicracy to the sublime.  They soon became known to be the gifted.

Writers, bloggers, journalists on the world wide web, internet, softphone, communication wire were tuned into and drifting unconsciously towards Utopia where the #bestofeverything would reside.  The want of choice floated away as the wanted to keep the feeling of happiness, peace and never a cause for forgiveness.  New children, born into the world did experience punishment, discipline, authority because they were surrounded by encouragement, love, gentle pushes to the always possible fulfillment of their dreams.  

An interesting world indeed.  A prima ballerina would surprisingly chose to be harvesters of orchards of fruit, seeds into nuts, with livestock that were free of any hormones or growth expeditors.  

Like most of humanity by then, cows and horses, herds of sheep, goats or flocks of eagles, chickens or budgies were peaceful.  They lived in harmony, sharing their eggs, milk without having to once donate any meat.   The fields of abundantly overflowing vegetables were there to nibble on, never encountering fences, no need for toxic pesticides that left with the rest of rejectful and harmful former occupants.  The balance of survival had been tipped so far on the scale beaming with life. 

One of the first known rebelious cult found were carnivores.  Rejecting any sense of smell, they purposely overfed themselves with the many animals, birds, organic beings to find, experiment or test with dishes where a trickle of blood on a brilliantly white plate, is the highest honor and defining chef celebrity.  They were called the Gorgers.

There was this most incredibly beautiful place on earth.  Selled by an organic group, surrounded by fortresses and family homes, with afield of flowers skipping across the meadows as the backdrop .......... 

________________________ you, the reader, can contribute the next sentence or paragraph in your comment.  Forming the authority on what truly is what we, the people, not the media, corrupt, lying, cheaters would want us to believe what they say, instead it is our testimony of what we believe is #thebestofeverything

Would you like to read more? Tweet, post, share, pin, search for #bestofeverything_story to be continued soon .... depending on you:  I need 1000 subscribers to get that going again.  

Minions Mayhem

"I should be given an award for keeping my mouth shut when there is so much that needs to be said."
                                                                                ~Minions Quote

You can hardly go anywhere these days or do anything without some reference to Minions.  It might have something to do with a movie that has taken off in popularity and the stars are graphic creations.  That’s fair.   Credit where credit is due.  These creatures, however, have invaded advertisements and pretty much anywhere even adults hang out.  I admit to not having seeing the movie.  Gone are the days when I could hide my guilty pleasure of going to see a movie that looks like fun by taking my youngsters and a car load of their friends on an outing to see a movie. 
I remember and invite to a grand opening for a mega theatre in Calgary.  Part of the celebration were free treats, ice cream, junk food, goodie bags and coupons for car washes even, proving that professionals do like to kick back and have a little fun, escaping back to childhood giddiness, and not just a golf course.  The cherry on the top was a free screening of Antz in 1998.  The brainchild of Pixel studios that followed the success of the first Toy Story in 1995.   

When I started to write this, I wasn't quite sure if it was Walt Disney who started it all by recognizing that kids are taken to movies by their adult parents and the idea born to insert adult humor  to make it an enjoyable adventure for everyone of all ages and not only as a chaperoned outing.  In my mind, as I reflect, Toy Story was the brainchild that most of us recognize as an animated escapade that adults embraced.  Some of the scenes took us back to our childhood, we could relate to many of the characters as ourselves or situations from childhood while several lines zipped over the kids’ heads to land firmly on belly laughs from the adults who relished the humor.  Interestingly, PIXAR's profile proclaims:
Animators and writers at Pixar have often cited that the movies they make are for adults, just as much as they are for kids. As such, a certain amount of adult humor slips into their projects that kids won't get.
It has been going on for years.  The success of a movie in our commercial world is identified by how many residual their are:  toys, advertisements, copyrights linked to a movie specifically surrounding a character.  Think Terminator.  Figurines, dodads,  figurines, trucks and gadgets high on the must have lists to be given as birthday gifts or Christmas presents.  Meanwhile the money didn't just roll in for the studios, the creators, producers .... smart actors recognized the financial gain from inking in the royalties for the actors who were central to the characters.  A ca-ching caught on when the movie and/or characters became a hit, music to their ears of  cash registers ringing a money tune.
Check out the McDonald’s commercial where Minions took over the fast food giant’s restaurant to the gafaw of the patrons who discovered the order board was swapped out for bananas.  They seem like harmless, fun-loving creatures so why not?  

I decided put on my curiosity cap and set out on a Minions crusade to find out more about them.  Not surprisingly, they are everywhere on social media:  even Pinterest boards dedicated to Minions.  Fascinating. 

I started out with my handy dandy source I use to launch research -- Wikipedia -- to figure out what all the mayhem was about.  Amazingly, instead of my search uncovering a WIKIpedia explanation, behold my animated adventurers, there is actually a page dedicated to the cute mischief makers:  Dispicable Me Minions Wiki page. It is a jackpot of anything one would ever want to know about Minions.  It answered my own question:  Who are minions? 

The Minions are small, yellow, cylindrical, creatures who have one or two eyes.  They are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence that endears them to viewers and makes them relatable. They can be pesky when they are doing weird interactions with other people, animals, or objects. Minions have standard English names.

WOWzers!  I went looking for a McDonald’s Minions commercial on YouTube and was bombarded with tons of commercials dedicated to these mischievious marvels.  You know it is big when McDonald's Happy Meals include such a toy.  Not surprising, (even though it initially was to me) many brands have jumped on the miniwagon with ads of their own like this one for smartphones:

I like to think I have a sixth sense about what is the latest craze as it relates to business, sales and social media.  Talk about being asleep at the wheel.  They are certainly everywhere.  The lesson to this?  If you want to be hip, with it, in touch with the world, include a Minion image, quote, song or video and you will be sure to have a retweet #RT or share or four.  It will certainly communicate that you have a fun side, it is not always serious business.  Completely broadcasting to your followers and potentially attracting more fun loving adults, you are hip, you’re with it, and you have a sense of humour!

Take my word for it:  put on your fun cap and get in on the mayhem -- an image with a Minion quote is definitely going to endear you to many or promise others a fun ride!  You don't have to look far to find websites dedicated to Minion quotes.  Start now!  Show a personable side while you poke fun at yourself.  I can promise you connection and engagement.

After a lot of background research on the origin of adult humor injected into animation.  I discovered the miracle Animator Ralph Bakshi.

Bakshi interpretation of Lord of the Rings
In my opinion, history should honor Animator Ralph Bakshi as the the brainchild of incorporating adult humor into animated features.  In  the late-1960s, animator Ralph Bakshi felt that he could not continue to produce the same kind of animation as he had in the past. Bakshi was quoted in a 1971 article for the Los Angeles Times as saying that the idea of "grown men sitting in cubicles drawing butterflies floating over a field of flowers, while American planes are dropping bombs in Vietnam and kids are marching in the streets, is ludicrous."[7] With producer Steve Krantz, Bakshi founded his own studio, Bakshi Productions,[8] establishing the studio as an alternative to mainstream animation by producing animation his own way and accelerating the advancement of female and minority animators. He also paid his employees a higher salary than any other studio at that time.[9]Ralph Bakshi successfully established an alternative to mainstream animation through independent and adult-oriented productions in the 1970s.


FACEBOOK PAGE: Ralph Bakshi relaxing with Maggie and Bailey
Ralph Bakshi is an American director of ani-mated and live-action films. In the 1970s, he established an alternative to main-stream animation through independent and adult-oriented productions. Between 1972 and 1992, he directed nine theatrically released feature films, five of which he wrote. He has been involved in
numerous television
projects as director,
writer, producer and animator.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing" 
~ George Bernard Shaw
Now spin it by combining it with a fun image to Tweet, share, post, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ Facebook -- to discover some new connections who share the same humor.

 Note:  they most likely perform better when using Minion-ese speak, songs or sayings.  Just test the theory I am sharing and see if you have some luck and notice an increase in #RT or even better if you hashtag #Minions to see if it may start trending on Twitter so all their devotees are assembled together to sing their praises.