FOCUS on building a tribe online on all social media, not merely a following

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FOCUS is the arrow that
shoots you to the moon!

Tackle one day at a time,
one task a day, scoped out,
scaled, cost analysis,
homework done.

THAT FOCUS can make or break you
trying to juggle too many priorities at once It is 100% contributor of any ONE downfall or failure.

Whether it is a personal life speed bump ~something that takes you out to left field, completely takes you off your game.

Or a slap in the ass from the making of income to support yourself, your family and significant others.  

It could be at FULL WARP speed coming right at you and even Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock could avert disaster from.

Watching a family member go through the struggles of survival, chronic pain tempered with oxicotin medication that evolved into dependency, then frozen so they turned to "street drugs" to soften the excruciating pain and diabetes side effects.

They ended up dying in the care of a medical facility in B.C. whose medical team had written off as an addict.  Not receiving the same care as what society deems acceptable.

Everything kept coming at em:  financial struggles where things became sources of money, compounded by multiple health infliction that were increasingly attacking mental wellness.

"WORRY stems from the lack of focus."
~ Jeannette Marshall

EVERYONE struggles to COPE
Nobody gets a pass.

One woman's agony is another person's mother or sister.

A new job, nerves, insecurity, lack of confidence from it taking years to find employment.  ~It's just another struggle someone else is trying to conquer.

WHEN YOU do too much at once
Something is going to cave.  No one is Wonder Woman or Superman or lives in a bat cave with extraordinary wealth.

For every PROBLEM there's a SOLUTION
How you tackle it is dependent on FOCUS.  Getting out the paper, with a pencil and drawing it out.  What is in front of you?  What is preventing you from realizing your dreams?

You can't get without steps
Identical to pigs can't fly.
You have to break it down.
Once you see what is in front of you:  it could be three columns or two.
You have to be able to break it down by steps, you can't leap over tall buildings, nor can you get to the final finish with that.

Let's keep it to three to maximize formula

For example:  Accept new job
PROs and CONs on scale of 1-10, 10 best
Financial implications:  Income -expenses less> living costs (mortgage/rent+utilities
+phone/cell) = leftover for gas, smokes, drinks, groceries

OR, you can define COLUMN A and B to be simply on financial metrics

Then you start to focus on one item at a time.  What step allows you to move to the next step towards the final accomplishment?

IF it is a new job, use my "30-60-90 day Plan" to map it out so that you can hit the day running.  BONUS if you hand it to your boss before you're even hired - showing you can break it down to steps and timelines.

Just starting this off, you will discover how much you have been scrambling to accomplishment way too many things at once.  Naively thinking that you can finish in all quick swoop, while distractions from the other important matters that are falling behind too.

By setting a FOCUS, you can teach yourself discipline.  You force yourself to realize that in order to get this over with, you have things you may not want to do, perhaps someone can give you advice?  

Sidebars and unfocused activities, deviate from finishing anything, missing deadlines, mentally scattered.  It can give the impression that you are indecisive or a stumbling buffoon when you are anything but.

I see people who are in leadership who can be like this.  It is from the inability to divide and conquer tasks.

When you start to draw the plans out, follow the steps, adding new steps you discover on the quest, adjust timelines, deduct costs or delays.

That is really no different that what a Project Manager does:  

1)  Determine the project scope:  What the completed result will be, what is required to finish it, who will be required to work on it, how the decision making process works, what the budget is, how overruns on costs will be reported?  Who and how will third party resources be determined and/or accounted for by cost or by delays or time improvements.

In this, you are drawing out what your focus should be based on what the pros and cons dictated should be the highest priority.  The more honest and detailed you are, the easier it is going to assess and debrief on how it went.

This is discipline.

That is focus.

Your best assets are your people. If that is not the case, you're doomed.

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Organizations better be ramped up for the Millennial culture that is swarming into all the best workplaces.  There is a lot of razzle dazzle that you need to have embedded into the culture if you are filling the front lines with them.

Roaring and snapping at the heels are the Z generation, chomping at the bit for the Millennials, just like we were with the Baby Boomers.

As a lot of the best, oldest, long term employees are beyond "Freedom 55" in both career success, perks, great stock investments by company matching growth.

Take for instance tonight with my 25 y/o Millennial daughter who has blessed me with her presence these past few months.

QUALITY: the secret sauce of social media

The following blog was first posted on LINKED IN before being pasted here:

QUALITY: the secret sauce of social media

Jeannette Marshall
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Jeannette Marshall

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Before you get all worked up, start thinking madly, that you need to get on to social media yourself.
Before you panic and put up stupid pictures of yourself in a SUIT > you are NOT your job on social media, you are you.
Before you say nothing and by definition, nothing happens. Giving it up, snarling that it's a waste of time. Only people without jobs, have nothing to do all day, or get paid to be stupid online can be online.
Before you go all crazy about so many narcissistic well-known personalities online. Thinking that you don't know the world to know what you think by TWEETING it or SHARE what you eat on INSTAGRAM.
Before you go all narcissistic online. People who blab about what they are thinking are more than a minuscule of whom the worlds' audience pays attention to.
Before you stop jumping on board. People are getting ahead of the game, taking charge of their online name. Yes, some develop a following.
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Most people categorize and lump in their online reputation with their career, life, morals, belief in person presence. An inability to see how one is more powerful than the other?
What people see about you online is what is perceived. What is perceived quickly catapults into reputation which is presented online.
What I'm saying is there is a little bit of secret sauce. That is your tribe: a group of followers whom exchange connections across all the platforms out there: blending Linked In career platform with Twitter news to sharing Pinterest to communicating Facebook to visualizing on Instagram.
The more, the better, the advised.
You may sternly be rigid and not very personable. People could find you intimidating because you never crack a smile. Yet your fellow frat boys know how outrageous your humor can be. Use that whit and humor that David Letterman perfected in his conversational style. Emulate that in your own style. Put out your opinions. Test your theories.
Your style and reputation will evolve. Bill & Melinda Gates are transforming philanthropy crossed over from technology which has only one or two objectives: helping eradicate immunity globally; Bill Gore is forever immortalized by "THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH" thanks mostly to social media. Those who care about the world have had this vibe for 10 years or more while it was all in its formative young years.
Those who are interested in technology form a unit that I call a tribe. They gravitate towards each other, sometimes do to the algorithm tango that some sites actually have and promote. The wise take the hint and follow some, even if not all. You know you're fine tuning their numbers so that it is just what you want.
Don't be a shell. Hiding behind your personal career, steering your ship in a disciplined, focused manner. Some hide behind rude behavior, in denial that it will never be uncovered.
Share what makes you feel good. Comment if it made you inspired. Share images or quotes that resonate from your soul. Quote from the Bible or Q'uran if that is your best source. Whatever that makes you smile. Smear out the faces of children to protect their identity. Ask permission when you take a smartphone snap it it may be shared.
The main thing is get out there. The world is much better. At your fingertips. Evolving your inner self. Shining in authenticity. A positive force.
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