Let's talk about nail polish


.Here heralds a story about nail polish.

One of the first things I did when we moved into our new area, was be friendly with local business folk and merchants.  It wasn't difficult because of a short stint helping launch business to service providers for complete fulfillment package.  I started to chat with the business owner and his wife later on.  Not because she was introduced or was friendly, but because I'd asked.

He liked to gripe on about how hard it was to run a business that were being run to the ground by the big box stores like WalMart, Superstore (Loblaw's).

When the pandemic hit, his bellyache pitch got shriller, metaphorically.

Thrilled with Twitter's new MAJORITY shareholder: Elon Musk of SPACEX and TESLA fame


Spring Baby

The Power of One


Not everybody can be number one


anybody can be number one.


Jeannette Marshall

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