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The Power of One


Not everybody can be number one


anybody can be number one.


Jeannette Marshall

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Don’t treat customers dumb

If you have any APP or service, it is imperative you remove any team members who interact with customers that come off horribly with the people who give them a job (the customer), that includes everyone from the CEO to janitor.

Rinse the toxic culture of sexual harassment or bullying.

It doesn’t matter how far up the chain you are, you are directly negatively impacting your company when you turn a blind eye.

Worse, if you’re part of the problem.

There are telltale signs.

Good people leave

People with bad behaviour settle in and stay.

Pay attention to employees with accolades who leave.

If harassment or bullying exists, turnover is really high.

Bullying supervisors fire outright or push to the edge.

Look for increasing doctor mandated “stay at home” orders.

Customers who leave don’t tell you goodbye 

Like the Titanic, it may be a hairline fracture, to be misdiagnosed.

Listening to recorded interactions with customers violates your people’s rights.

If you know how to hire trustworthy, professional, talented folks you won’t need to spy on them to drum up mistakes.

If you value yourself above your customer, you will eventually will fail.

Arrogance has no place in business.

Don’t mix up arrogance for confidence.

I’ve seen several men hire cocky, arrogant little bastards.  Is that because they connect at a deeper level?

Men aren’t threatened by cocky, arrogant other men.

Women are threatened by confident, capable, committed other women.

If a woman is considered cocky, she’s out the door, especially if she’s opinionated with lots of ideas and leanings towards fixing.


Things are starting to pick up and after 75 percent are fully vaccinated, will we be in Post Pandemic.

One of the first questions I ask in any interview is:

How was the position opened?

See, the job seeker can disguise craftily created questions that says tons more just as HR has done.

Your employees are your customers

Too many, misalign themselves.  Even CEOs are fired.  The reasons much different.