Privacy matters: what information are you releasing?

Privacy breach?

Like a lot of you out there :: information gobblers and research geniuses :: I'm "aware" that Privacy has replaced Cloud, Data, AI (artificial intelligence), etc. etc.  as the flavor of the day.

Media attention
Does serve a purpose.  In fact, if I wasn't such an avid reader and news fan, I probably wouldn't have noticed how privacy is becoming the dark horse that has reared its ugly head after the wide-spread coverage of how Facebook failed in protecting its users from privacy breaches.  

Hippocratic Oath
Like doctors who graduate into practice take the Hippocratic oath meaning they will fight to maintain life over all other.  Why aren't the social media and online giants or media outlets sworn to upkeep the truth, protect its users from dissemination of their personal information and be charged with some huge fine (minimum equivalent to the monetary value they benefited from release of the information for payment on handing out that information to a third party technology organization).

Big Brother
Big Brother is alive and thriving because of our ignorance, burying our hands in the sand mentality that if we ignore it, it can't happen to us.

To think, I was mulling over a blog about going the extra mile:  you can usually get an idea of where my head's at by my tweets to be transparent.  I had been listening to a Radio Talk Show (I often listen to QR77 in Calgary, to allow it be known).  Because I knew the Host was filling in for not just one colleague, but two, I felt it was my honor to listen to him:  he did a fantastic job of floating from one genre topic to another, having three issues covered in the same day would be a challenge, never mind facilitate call ins and text messages while staying upbeat and convincing in his coverage on all three topics.  The topic was dancing around opinions on legalized cannabis (due Oct 17 2018 in Canada) and then bounced over to Privacy and then bounced over to the viral spat that will have financial ramifications to both countries .... 

Publicity disaster
I never thought I'd see what was tweeted become a diplomatic event because I didn't think that people took to heart what was tweeted.  I guess, The Donald has changed that, eh?

Amazon dominates
So many of us buy from Amazon -> naively distracted by their speed of service.  Except today.  This confirmation of an order delivery showed a picture in real time from the front of my house:

La La Ti Da :: 
I can see your house 24 x 7 days a week so that I can prove that you've received the order .... Not that I've had to delay their staff at the door if I don't answer the door right away or happenstance be in the back yard with my dog (often the case) to wait for my signature (like everyone else).

I guess I'm going to have to go back and dig through the agreements to see where I released the right to show them where I live and details:  I could have been sitting in those chairs with my husband.

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