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A little bit of this :-( and a lot more of THAT :o)

Anyone who has read this blog more than a few times (which most fall under) has joined me in reflection, especially approaching my birthday.  Every person, businessperson, sales professional, artist, writer, creator, imagineer, imageer and optioneer should do this annually:  

Your own Annual Life Plan
Taken with a twist on my REALLY popular Blog called "The 90-Day Plan" (I really wish I knew who the person was to give it a lift, sharing it somehow outside my typical social media radar.  

Before you can move FORWARD 
you have to have a heart to heart with yourself.  Seriously.  Honestly.  Barely a hairs breath away from your nose touching the mirror.

It can be your Journaling all at once!  
For any other procrastinators like me.  Once I discovered a way to exhaust my mindfulness times 100% ::... by BLOGGING!  

A cork popped open ||\\"//|| 
Ideas that had been brewing began to become released.  By sharing knowledge and seeking even more to fill up the depleted.  

New Curiosities
unfold, gliding across your vision or glimpse of an expression, a beautiful attention getter image.

Stretching the imagination
because as it explodes into the universe, some small particles, fall glittering into a receptive hand.

My year in review
has been one of where I have been putting others first.  Not an easy feat to consider the impact one has on others, and try to obtain a lofty one, for them, not me.  That is one of the biggest struggles I've been wrestling with:  am I an impostor of greatness?  Was I really a big sales professional once upon a time?  Maybe I got lucky for a few years when the timing was right.

A social media experience
as I ride the waves from the tide pushed by others before me.  Am I just a toe in or knee deep?  Thank goodness for analytics to appeal to my numerical musical notes, de-scrambling and decoding information that is mine for the taking, just as I log on and click in.  

Like a sponge floating
soaking up, but not falling too deep beyond the grasp of realization that maybe I've been looking at it all wrong.  I mean, I read A-LOT!  It never sinks me in, it expounds wonder at all the information at my disposal, my right, my actions, my clicks revealing a true, authentic person.  

Not a persona but a brand
I've been continuing the brand I started so many years ago.  I tap into what has delighted me (like last night I was surfing the PINs on PINTEREST on "figure skating")  .... who cares how long I look?  Nobody, my WIFI provider LOVES the moola it extracts from me:  I have an "unlimited data plan".  

True Authenticity
is when you allow your spirit and soul to guide you to what you find intriguing, moves you in its beauty.  The next wave a super social media rock stars will need to be authentic in a crowded noise of ME me ME (like Guy Kawasaki, who forgets was among his small tribe when he moved on to Google Plus G+ not remembering who they were, ah-hem, like moi).  

I didn't adopt someone else 
to build my brand by trying to be someone I am not, claim to know something I do not, brag about knowing someone to build your brand?  Well, my not-so-reciprocal friends aka |devils in disguise| narcissists | fake | crooks | egotistical | famed | self-proclaimed experts.

Honesty has been my guiding star
towards bright lights without sunglasses to block the glow.  Truthfulness is a strength in character, it is ingrained and cannot be replicated by large degrees.

Believe in me?
The jury is still out.  I just know that I'm not doing my God-given gift.  I keep looking and stretching to find it.  Sometimes I think maybe I've found it, when instead I've found some new great hobbies ::... like painting objects and making them into art.  Really a fun sidekick to have.  

I may have become too scattered
creating far too many blogs, when here I should just write.  Focus on making one site really really good, then a bunch of others mediocre.

I've had this ah-HA moment before
I realize.  When I was jumping from advertising to the world of publishing ::... the how before the what.

The how before the what
Is really what makes me stand out.  I'm not suggesting that I really do, but I was trying to appease you, your time and dedication for reading thus far.  

Whether it is sales, business or communication people gravitate to the explosive environment we allow ourselves to tumble into ::.... traditional media that has the explosion with headline before any details.  Saying WHAT??!!??

I gravitate towards  the HOW
which basically covers the how, the who, the where, the speculation as to the why, or the scientific explanation of the how.  I think people's eyes and sensibilities are been drummed out of the noise, and only ENGAGE with those they believe appeals to their own values, opinions, knowledge, genre, topics, interests, hobbies, visuals, emotional well being, what grabs them NOW.  

I'm going to continue on this journey
with you by my side.  Continual in experimentation on a quest for new insights.  The insights that I share may be long and somewhat rambling.  But there is a nugget in there somehow.  

Too many people haven't discovered
who they are so they try to invent themselves to be someone they're not.  For personal, professional, relationship reasons, known only to themselves.  They hide behind a character or persona in which they want the world to see them as.

An enthusiast
is what I tagged myself.  Does it really suit me?  OKay, thanks for the reminder mirror | DANG! (borrowed from my 22 y/old lovely daughter) | I am not always in a good mood.  Gasp, shocked?  Probably not those that know me and still love me would say.  

Determined and tenacious
would be a common affront in succinctly describing me.  That's what is great.  As a woman who is 5 ft TALL and petite curvy figure ::.... it is a gracious honor to be synonymous with STRENGTH.

A nod for the new year ahead
will be the stretch to willpower.  Where I should examine these fair questions:

Am I trying to prove something?
To myself?  To someone else? Or bigger?
Am I doing my hardest to avoid and stay out of toxic environments or people? Am I being true to my GIFT that I am working to discover:  a teacher? a writer? an advertising Adonna?  | HA!  Google Chrome spell check:  "Ladonna, Madonna, Donna" | fooled YA!  Yes, I meant to make up a new word since GURU isn't even in the cards for a lot of knowledge to beget.

A website
I've been struggling with this for almost two years.  It doesn't fall under my PROCRASTINATION leanings, but I keep coming up with ideas on sections, which will fall under an umbrella of an e.zine.  I have experimented with blogs, Word Press, Go Daddy | good grief: worst experience EVA!  They didn't mind taking my money | "there's a sucker born every milisecond on the internet" | they fall into my bucket of ::... "NEVER AGAIN" pile.  Of which there are few, it's a small crowd, like my "former dentist" Lee (first or last name, I'll never tell, except from what it rhymes with "Cal-gar-y" ('y' pronounced "Eeee")

I'm going to write and let him know.  This young fellow, who shall not be named, unless agreed to by name).  I would like to showcase his work from Word Press websites.  

What's in a name?
I can't settle on a name is what a name is about.  You'd be surprised how much time I spend waving on the tide of websites, website hosts, and a few creative outfits in between.  

designCA has been born.  I guess pretty much anything I spend doing ends up in a blog of some sorts.  I launched it about a week ago.  What I want to do is showcase what I uncover for the social media crowd or blogging tribe.  Tools, resources, gallery, creative, writing host of a colossal kind!  

Getting pumped up
now, creative juices flowing unabated, from feeling a strong sense of cabin FEVER since my skin erupted from either Shingles or a skin reaction/infection | doctors have conflicting prognosis | first time ever the Wicked Witch of the West has been nice to me in months, if exactly a year ago from now.

I think I have an idea
so I guess I better go.  Thanks for joining me while I uncork another idea for others to be amused by, inspired from or motivated to ..... JUST DO IT!

The interview police: how are you treating those being interviewed?

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." ~Warren Buffet
There are so many great websites, blogs, articles, books out there that capture the interest of job hunters or career seekers. You are given advice on your resume, your attitude and how to behave at the interview.
Yet while there are so many of these sites that offer candidates advice, where are the interview police? Well, I guess between Google searches, Linked In and other sources, one can easily find out a lot about a prospective employer. Distaste can be quick and immediate if one has a poor interview experience. That being that the interview was unprofessional, disrespectful and disengaged.
"If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself." ~ J. W. Marriott
How many companies assess what they are doing within their hiring practices and how they may be treating prospective employees. That is likely a major oversight that will only be rectified when the job market switches positions: from a buyers market perspective of employee recruiting to a sellers market from those seeking employment.
What are organizations doing to ensure that they are living values when presenting themselves to the outside world in favorable light? Of course, we get that advertising is a customization geared by marketing that can be skewed to give the impression that they have their act together.
However, what if the person representing your company is interviewing a prospective employee to join your company .... do you have metrics to track their record: hiring success as in placing people within the organization that become key producers and are promoted quickly? How many are let go within 3 months or quit within the first year or two: a drain on resources and finances.
I worked for an organization where the Code of Conduct was weak. There was a key manager who began an affair with a sales guy who had just had a baby, while his then-wife was suffering from postpartum depression which I can only imagine grew immensely upon discovering her husband cheating on her with a manager. 
No, they weren't direct reports. Yet one was a manager while the other was not, receiving direct benefit from the relationships by increased and highly leveraged sales opportunities. You sense a conflict of interest? 
There is the saying my grandmother often used: "cut off your nose to spite your face"..... that same manager had some other issues, the turnover under that area was constant. Bleeding the company dry as far as resources by constantly back filling positions, placing enormous pressure on the hard workers who remained. Taxing them so much that they end up leaving and then the organization was stuck with mediocre personnel or really disgruntled employees. 
The manager was a long serving member of the organization's management team. Attractive, with a witty sense of humor when the boss was around. A knife handy and ever-ready to stab others in the back when not. Surprised at the turn over?
The question was never asked: why is it that one manager can hire people who become key contributors while another has constant turnover? 
Another easy way would be to sit in on an interview with that manager. How are they communicating the key values of the organization? Are they sitting across from the applicant with a stapled questionnaire, mechanical and impersonal? Easily forgetting that the interviewer is representing the company. What impression are they giving?
I heard about a week or so ago that the joblessness is going to start improving in 2017. Interesting. I'm not sure if it will be as robust as it was around our town 10 years ago: where referral bonuses were common and finding any employee was a challenge, never mind a great one. 
"Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to." ~Richard Branson
Employees are the biggest advertisers of a company's brand: what do yours say about your company? Take it a step further, how do you treat your employees? Internal feedback doesn't seem to get much reaction because co-managers have each other's backs. Is a disruptive employee a trouble maker or a change maker? That can be defined by the strength of the leadership in the channel of command. 
Clean up seems to always be in the employee area.  Numbers save money. How can turnover not? It also seems counterproductive if you have someone who is interviewing, hiring people that are just recycled and spit out.  If companies think it is easy to search a candidate's background on ethical and behavioral attitudes, it should be obvious these days that so it is to search a company. It is increasingly readily available for employees to check out employers. There are sites that allow employees to grade their company, its executives, its management, reflect on how they treat their personnel, how well do they communicate or do they offer opportunities for advancement? There is always an area for comments. 
Comments and feedback are not solely isolated to past employees. It is open and public facing. Candidates are able to communicate on how they were made to feel during the interview process. How professional was it? How welcome were they made to feel? 
Some interviews are like inquisitions. Where the interviewee feels that they are being trapped or pushed to trip up. 
Ah the power of the interviewer .... can you take being made to feel minor, unimportant? IF you can, then you may just be able to fit in this company.
Other interviewers deem it their job to give feedback on the candidates resume, how it is laid out, ease to read. Like a foreshadowing that as an employee, you will have to have a strong armor and self-confidence against all the "constructive" feedback that could be demeaning or demotivating.
Yet GREAT interviewers do find valuable hires. Those new stars also make the hiring person look good. How do companies reward that? I haven't heard much of those types of metrics. Why not?
On smartphones: those tools of efficiency can be swords of disrespect
You may have someone in an important position facing the public.  Is the interviewer friendly, professional, using manners? Or do they give the impression that it is an unnecessary evil because they've already made up their minds to hire buddy from around the corner or something like that? How many people who have gone for interviews where the interviewer is rudely, unapologetically late or jumping up in the middle to take a call or respond to an email or text message? On smartphones: those tools of efficiency can be swords of disrespect::... that may depend on your culture.
Don't let your company fall into the deep trap of the pit of disreputable hiring practices. Ensure that whomever is in a position of hiring is also promoting your company. How professional, or lack of professionalism, can negatively impact your brand.
When the jobless market improves and career seekers fall back into the driver's seat, are you making it easier for your company or harder? 
That's where my grandmother's saying comes in: are your team members cutting off their nose to spite their face? Are they ruining the opportunity for your organization to attract valuable candidates?
Try not to wait until the job market does reverse itself. Try not to be one of those organizations who have to pay for referrals because your behavior, or the behavior of those interviewing others is sub par. 
"It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do." ~Steve Jobbs
Don't get caught up in not making good on promises or not recognizing those that are making you look good. 
Case in point: a 27 year old young man who works for a major corporations, been with them for 9 years, adored by clients and is still only paid $12.25 per hour.  Is that organization delusional by thinking that it won't catch up with them eventually? 
How you treat prospective employees in your hiring practice may be an indication on how they will be treated as an employee. That can discourage the top performers and high achievers from even considering your company, withdraw from applying.
Instead of employee feedback, performance review forms and hiring questionnaires, why not have an anonymous interview feedback to candidates within only a few hours of an interview, that is unrelated to being hired or job offer a check box to take into account?
An interviewer's behavior should be identical whether they are having a one-on-one meeting with the CEO of your company or interviewing a prospective employee. It should be interchangeable and seamless, indistinguishable from one to the other. Its importance significant and treated the same.
Respect and manners at minimum should reflect appreciation for the candidates' time, nerves and preparedness. It would communicate the same values with which they would be treated as an employee. Seriously and important.
"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." ~Henry Ford
Your company's reputation can fluctuate by shareholders value or perceived value. How it treats its employees or candidates should be important enough to consider.

attraction TRACTION :

Measuring SoMe efforts

Do you monitor your traction? I do sometimes. The 

most revealing are those that have been invited to like

 my page and haven't responded. Seeing that this is 

"social networking" to me, it communicates who my 

supporters are from those who would rather have me

 like or share their stuff. Social Media is a reciprocal 

business it needs to be saidI am not going to go on

 about it other than just carve back who I follow so 

that I can add more value to those who support 

me back.

How Much Do Keywords Still Matter?

Back in the 1990’s or early 2000’s if you were a part of the SEO scene you know that keyword density reigned supreme as the quickest method of making money. People made a fortune literally overnight and many a webmaster feverishly calculated the keyword to total word count ratio in an attempt to hit that perfect keyword density per page. The belief was that when a particular page reached this ratio it would have a better chance to rank for that keyword. It was a simple scheme that made it easy for almost anyone to start ranking. READ MORE ...... 

Self promotion NOTIONS

Some people certainly have been able to create a 

niche for themselves on social media.  And, there are

a TON of wannabes like me.  Those that want to 

REALLY quit their day jobs and be able to blog and

post professionally.  Say whatever they want and 

people will be attracted to that.  

For sale:  the official car of optioneerJM (wish:  MiniCooper convertible)

MINI owes much of its incredible longevity and success to the quirky and timeless appeal of its iconic outline. Since joining the BMW Group in 1994, the brand has steadily evolved from a niche vehicle for “enthusiasts” to become far more mainstream—all the while gaining a reputation for creating eye-catching guerrilla marketing and offbeat campaigns.
The brand is set on solidifying a reputation that goes beyond buzzworthy marketing, and has been hard at work to ensure that it remains relevant. In the first nine months of the year, BMW sold more than 246,426 MINI vehicles globally, and in the U.S. alone, year-to-date MINI sales were up 14.8 percent from 2014. But the brand isn’t done yet. Earlier this summer, it unveiled the 2016 MINI Clubman, a six-door estate that marks its entry into the premium compact segment, an area predicted to grow to make up 27 percent of global car sales by 2020. The Clubman signals its realigned strategy for MINI to “concentrate on five core models with strong characters.” To that end, a redesigned and simplified logo was rolled out midsummer, and two of the brand’s models—the Coupe and the Roadster—were retired.

From Brazil with love

What a crazy thing happened... here I write about 

attraction traction and why it is always a cool 

revelation when you take a look at who you may be

attracting to your blog, twitter feed or content 

everywhere.  The surprises never cease to unfold.  My

own discovery this evening when I saw a dramatic 

spike in readers from Brazil.  Maybe I am going to 

win a free trip and be hosted to visit all the hotspots in

preparation for the RIO games right around the 

corner.  What a dream to see, feel and share what it

may feel like for visitors to the Olympic Games in 

Brazil next month.  (I'll take it!!)

My fellow Canadians must be out celebrating Canada Day and US starting early

The next best trend

Would be where people pay MOI to be able to have 

an ad on my site.  As the legend grows and readership

goes, the page views, subscribers, followers will 

increase, then so will be the rates to be able to 

advertise in a few prime spots.  Only a couple of 

banner ads and a handful MAX of ads to the right.








No. 3 Brand:  Coca Cola according to
When the celebrated TV series Mad Men wrapped up earlier this year, viewers were left with an iconic moment of marketing genius: Coca-Cola’s “Hilltop” ad. The 1971 commercial, which features a multicultural mix of youths singing “I’d like to buy the world a Coke,” speaks to a simpler time for America—and for the brand.
Now, the world’s biggest beverage brand is trying to recapture that magic for millennials through its “Share a Coke” campaign, a global marketing initiative that began in Australia in 2011. The personalized bottles were so successful in the U.S. in 2014 that the campaign was expanded this year. In September 2015, Coca-Cola teamed up with Twitter to create a custom emoji—two Coke bottles clinking—that appeared in tweets bearing the hashtag #ShareaCoke. The result: a record 170,500 mentions over a 24-hour period. 
Few companies can harness the emotional horsepower that Coca-Cola can. The challenge, instead, for the 129-year-old beverage giant is that sales of cola and its carbonated cousins have been declining over the past decade amid health concerns. As a result, the company has broadened its array of lower-calorie and lower-sugar sodas, introduced smaller container sizes, and added healthier beverages to its brand portfolio, ranging from iced tea to coconut water. READ MORE ..... 

The voice of a generation

Can be channeled at one origin.  Initially, not sub- 

scriber based.  Where people of similar interests hang

out.  The bygone product being the founding fathers 

of social media as interest-based content is where the

moola or cashola will be had.  Any and every brand

has read (and for the most part ignored) the value of

having a blog.  Yet, seriously, how many heed?  Let 

me check.

Google:  No. 2 according to

Who are the top 10 brands globally?

This awesome website granted me my wish.  (Isn't it

stunning how easy it has become to find exactly what

you're looking for when you look on Google?  A 

while back, (dreams of an assistant editor who can 

these nuances for my blog, on where I say or predict

something as it relates to:

  • advertising
  • business
  • consumer spending
  • leadership
  • companies
  • policies
  • trends
According to the biggest brand is:

“If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will,” Steve Jobs once notably remarked. In the past year, Apple has again held true to this belief, as it continues to outdo its existing products and launch all-new ones. The Apple ecosystem expanded exponentially throughout 2015, along with its customer-centric focus, as reflected by a 43 percent rise in brand value this year. 

If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will,” Steve Jobs once notably remarked. In the past year, Apple has again held true to this belief, as it continues to outdo its existing products and launch all-new ones. The Apple ecosystem expanded exponentially throughout 2015, along with its customer-centric focus, as reflected by a 43 peralue this y