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An outstanding image outweighs a witty title ::.... on social media, on Power Point ........ proposals ..... business plans ......

The image below honors "feminism"
as the word of the year 2017 by 

The following is a post I wrote on Facebook when I wanted to share the comments I saw online under job site INDEED ...... Maybe INDEED has hired someone to cross the pavement from that other G-spot on Facebook where employees, clients, interviewees can voice their opinion, anonymously or aligned by a brand.  

A very public scathing review of companies and apparently organizations that hire others, is becoming a central voice of opinion.  CEOs tremor at the power of opinion if one of the opinionator's were approached by a mainstream media or create a video for community support and advancement in ethics.

Our opinions are starting to matter a lot more.  Our opinions are our voice.  There is nobody else like you thus it is impossible for anyone to think, act, voice .... unless we have the acclaim:  "My opinions are my own ...." Does that really protect us (must find out).

I wrote this a few days ago on Facebook with the intent to repost it her on my meanderingsABOUT blog.  I chose Facebook to see it first because that audience is continuously showing and demonstrating their loyalty and support.  Now secondly, it is here on meanderings because this is where a 56 year old woman who is fighting her 50s while trying to be a fashionista fashion voice and social media personality for women 50 and over .... a growing following who like the vibe I transmit and bump into me in other social sites ..... 

Google's blogspot blog allows me to see stats every single day, subtract my own clicks to keep authenticity, and it has allowed me to grow an understanding of the following I catch vibes with.  Presumably you would think the two ME-generations (Baby Boomers and Millennials) ....

The greatest support for my Blog comes from my Facebook followers so thank YOU!!  However, honorable mention has to be to the WordPress crew who actively engages with YUPPYdom (my blog there).

Perhaps I am scattered around the various blogs but I'm not worried.  Why?  Because I read seven years ago (2010) that content was going to be king in the new generation of opportunities.  Perhaps an honorable follow to comfort which was the retail king launched and mastered by Steve obs' APPLE was devoted to comfort and ease for customers (with a critical eye on aesthetics to match the quality and value it was going to be branded as).  

Maybe all these scattered blogs identify with a specific audience by looking at the numbers and the hashtags that they're likely to react (aka click under), I observed a pattern evolving.  If I paid attention to the numbers under an article segment came from a particular strong regional audience from abroad, then I would cater the conversation in that direction.  For example, I blip on my blogging was actually on travel under optioneerJM.  Conjuring the dream to travel and discovery on new lands, unique people, honorable cultures and all-round good people.  I would have to thank Mazatlan, Mexico for that.  I have a blog in the works:  I'm now creating my own art for my posts (an advocate for artists who should be compensated for their work) I started to dabble with painting and then uncork this need to come up with the graphics as I gurgle the ideas in my mind -- big multi-tasking to be sure!!

I will write about these matters.  I have a blogging fever!  Being away for most of November, with a major delay in getting into the Christmas spirit (something my youngest daughter told me was one of her fondest memories:  how I went all out decorating and festivities surrounding Christmas.  I remember saying:  "I guess I figured out what must go up, must come down.... there was nobody around to help pack it away or help put it up".

The following was posted on Facebook yesterday:

An example of the power of statement made online ........ reviews galore! There's no fire to put out. It appears as though it were lit a long, long time ago. I've watched with fascination [wanting to understand the history and learn the culture] and dismay [ Canada's shameful treatment of so many honorable people, of Canada, at the hands of the residential schools.

There's a difference, I see. Not so long ago, Many non-indigenous folks, like myself, only saw what we saw closest to our homes, mode of transportation, path, event, city or town street or avenue: sprawled, sleeping or drunken indian man or woman underneath a tree, in the transit station, the stench of vomit mingled with body odor that would indicate bathing and hygiene have been ignored. Sometimes approaching one trying to get from point A to point B, staggering forward with barely audible slurred words requesting a donation towards their next meal, which would also appear to have been neglected or compromised regularity or shelter to have them, a soup kitchen, even kind words.

I admit to be one of the Canadians guilty of ignoring this great people. Hidden behind my own limited self-perceptions based on a VERY small percentage of a proud community and our country's founders. In so many ways, we have done them dis-justice very likely with shame, no differently one would with a son or uncle or mother struggling with addition.

Then, to make matters worse. We allowed the traditional media to influence those perceptions: NOT stories of courage, overcoming great obstacles, the struggle to keep a culture alive as its youth flock to the city, often recycling the affliction of their adult influences: I wonder how many of the youth of indigenous origin escaping the need to commit suicide, towards severe conditions of negative bias, fall to more dangerous additions like heroine or Fentanyl ?
A crowd across the universe is possessed by the cloud, data extrapolation of information from people everywhere to create algorithms :: who knows what Artificial Intelligence AI will tell, what stories will unfold.

If we think that racism and bias is alive and thriving in a pathetic world of people just trying to keep living, without struggle, starvation, addictions, health inflictions .... can you imagine what will happen when some computer generates an algorithm that dictates by stating the pure numbers that this is the preferred response rate, what will happen then?

We've already become a toss away society and we cannot blame our offspring, the Millennials, shoulder the cause alone. Because where did they learn that from, the offspring of the war era babies who learned to make one dollar stretch into five [ reference to my meanderingsABOUT.blogspot where I captured a conversation quip from my 82 year old mother, how she wore underwear made from potatoe sacks until her mother figured out that flour sacks made much finer cloth -- of Ukrainian heritage, can you say perogies without yum?

I rambled on a little too long. I will continue to blog and want to thank you for your support for a long time!! I am initially writing this on Facebook on my OptioneerJM page because my greatest readership falls like stars in the sky from Facebook.
I've started to expel the knowledge I learned about 30 years ago on numbers. I had the best example and will also write about that more.
"Tough nut to crack": There are great people, some amazing employees to work with. Everyone is overworked and underpaid, however. The political climate is intense, and the direction is scattered and usually unrealistic. Don't expect a long term position, but if you can handle…

FACEBOOK friends

If you really want to start to categorize and ultimately decide which is your favorite platform, you need to take a look at your surroundings.  I reached out to my Facebook Friends to ask them that earlier this evening.

If you really want to ensure you have engagement with your friends on Facebook, use the "TAG" feature.  Don't worry, it is completely fine and acceptable.  Except if you have a giHUGE list of friends.  

You can scale back on TAGging those friends who express displeasure at being among your TAGs.  Yes it generates a lot of notifications, that would be for sure.

You can't possibly know whether your numbers are increasing or decreasing without examining your stats.  Each soME provider, from Twitter to Google to Facebook, offer free stats to decipher and relate to those numbers in a way in which they communicate.

I started this blog 6 years ago, diving into sales and talking about some of the habits, outlook, observations I had while enjoying the acclaim, compensation and recognition with awards and rewards.  You're right, I love(d) sales.  I enjoyed the strategy and the figuring out "what will it take?"  I've realized now, past tense times 10 that the real secret was being able to communicate:  in written form, in presentation pizzazz or bellowing oration injected with enthusiasm.  

Is far more contagious than a positive attitude.  Someone can have a fantastic, positive attitude.  However, it takes communication to make an impact.  Some managers feel threatened by a gregarious nature.  Heck, they should embrace it.  Discover how easier it makes their life when the team spirit is channeled collaboratively in such a fashion that nobody really knows who is creating it.  Except a few, perhaps.  Maybe ....

My Facebook Friends are the most engaged in all the networks that I belong to.  If I share a post or an image or a quote, I can always guarantee of an acknowledgement of some kind.  In fact, Google's kind analytics show me that Facebook referrals are the highest.  I've yet to figure out who my champion from Brazil is because Brazil likes the most, if the traffic audience data shows me the where, I just wish I knew who the who was?

Is an easy thing to express.  It reaches all ages, income bracket, age group, interest or demographic.  It is the first thing you learn to say when learning a new language.  If it falls after yes (oui) or no (non) that's okay.  However, MERCI I learned after danke, truth be told.  If you only post once in a while or once a week, at minimum, you can express thanks for nice service from a particular brand or provider.  

The cause of championship is by leading by example.  Demonstrate how nice and peaceful and easy it is to be a person who consistently gives thanks.  

Barriers are minimized or eliminated with gratitude because most people across the globe can say thank you in more than one language.  

Is the most common language in our world.  But for that to be true, I will have to detour for a fact check.  After all, it could be Chinese by now or even surpassed by Spanish.  Latin is a forgotten art.  Does anyone study it anymore?

Are a great way to motivate oneself, but it has far more reaching benefits when it is shared.  Finding an image to accompany it can POP for attention.  People love to share great images with craftily, gracefully embedded text within them.  Art.  Photography.  Chicken scratch.  All accepted.

Can portray moods.  Seriousness, somberness, sadness, moodiness, depressive aura is often considered with black and white images with a strong grey force.  Yet so is high fashion.  We can define our moods or our interpretation of a meaning by the colors we choose to accompany them.

Thanks for stopping in *^* jm xo

PERSISTENCE pays .....

I think that overall, in general, and in sales ::.... persistence pays:

I'm going to have to go digging in my blog-mess ...... why didn't i label them better or could i create folders within folders like i can on many #MICROSOFT user-friendly clicks; 

If that doesn't stink, then imagine me trying to create a website with .... i swear this is the third time i've gone there and they are the worst user friendly, and full of glitches.  How many times do we have to hear or read about something that we have to register the fact that somebody is doing a major MAJOR push on advertising spend:  

Or, alternatively thinking::..... who is being BIG BROTHER and becoming so in tune with my habits:  would that be GOOGLE or APPLE (i have a #MicroSoft PC, Apple iPAD, Apple iPhone6x64gb) where my every thought is surrounded by them, ready to pounce on my click to immediately float out the ads thought to be of interest to me.  Then again, MicroSoft is getting pretty intuitive these days.  I keep getting that steady circle next to the ever-loving "START" button on high alert::.... do i or don't i start being lazy?  Yet, that could mean that i could be blogging at breakneck speed from so much knowledge, and data paraded in front of me.



There's some nifty maneuvering going on out there with these content Kings like BUFFER, POCKET, PINTEREST who have partnered up with GOOGLE's Chrome (old habits die hard, i will be like tissue paper never succumbing to the pressure of calling itself a KLEENEX).  Google can rename itself to fall under Alphabet as it is scrambling to the top of the heap for being a 'data' company.  Just you watch.  While everyone else starts turning around and looking across the floor, wondering how they could have lost the race even though they couldn't find the light at the end of the finish line.  

I've shared before (and here I go looking again to insert otherwise my blogs would be shorter, quicker and not encumbered by fact checking or research (perhaps enter content captures like the every incredible IFTTT).   

@ifttt knows how to jump hoops around data.  Where Facebook and Google are faced off in the ring together, to win the "data champion of the world" platinum ring, Google leading because its grasp of the "obvious" still continues to astound everyone else.  Remember on G+ [ googlePLUS GOOGLEplus Google+ google+ ] you don't "follow" people, you have them in your circles.  How more ZEN can you get?  It sure would resonate with the other big jump in the information world:  MINDFULNESS.  There, I've written a bit more about it while meanderingsABOUT blogging.  

Write a book, film a documentary Michael Moore (it would be right up your alley to mock what is considered general belief to knock everyone's socks off with your seriously talented eye and creativity.  The epitome of what I want to be like when I grow up:  insightful, creative, honest and real.  Except, right now, I am looking to create that by writing words.

I can only write words when I am aware of what is going on around me.  Absorbing and gulping down an array of words, poems, quotes, quips clashing in conflict with the creative eye drawn to things of beauty.  There is so much of that out there.  Huh, I guess I can really take this "Mindfulness" and wrap my own head around it better.  

Like a snake or octopus (that i've referred to myself affectionately a few times on INBETWEENERS that I've recently named:  YUPPYdom ..... realizing, through writing, that as I sift through the years, totally opposite of what MINDFULNESS is all about ::.... staying in the PRESENT time, moment, second.  That is a very very very hard thing to do.

As an assignment, try following along with me as I check it all out and just reiterate in my own words founded by my own presumptions, just interpreting what I see, hear, watch but mostly READ what is going on around me.  NOW and put a HALT to thinking about tomorrow's appointments or yesterday's regret.

Sorry, sidebar (URCH, SCREECHhhhhh) Why is it that we only "dwell" in the past.  Or we "recall" the mishaps, segmented down to seconds of instant swayed reaction which would have better ramifications.  That's a screenplay idea isn't it?  Well, that's an area I haven't tried.  LOL, I haven't even got near to writing a book.  In the back of my mind, I'm writing it.  I started organizing it by blogs of different topics that interest me:  commentary | publishing | life+love+lifestyle (including beauty and fashion, underscored by admitting I stumble around on POLYVORE ::... to design and test my DIVA worthiness.  

In sales, as in life, you have to have a level of persistence.  Think of it as being graceful ballerina compared to INDY race.  You just don't have time for a bucket list ::.... or do you?  Why not?  Something that could be further investigated and written about on YUPPYdom with Word Press.

I promised a comparison between Google's Blogspot and Word Press and I've been dragging my fingers.  I guess the jury isn't in yet.  My knuckles and main readership derived and arrived by creating this blog, with Google, when my instincts told me to write about how sacred Google would become.  Heroic of "only in Game of Thrones" masterful proportions.  

It isn't fair either on user-friendliness because I was fumbling around when I first created this Blog back in 2010 (yes, soooooooo or sewwwwwwwwwwww many years ago).  To being more comfortable and confident in searching for something and which partnership is supporting others the most.

Under that note, I have to say that I started out supporting SocialFave out of admiration and respect for +Philippe  since we connected on Linked In when I was a brand-spanking-newbie on social media.  Linked In is where I dipped my toes in.   As I answer people's question in person all the time:  do I really need to be on Twitter? Geez whiz kidz YEsBIZ ::... defining it as a way of casting your personalized net across the universe and seeing what stays in that web you are pulling ashore.   I like how Twitter enables me to reach deeper and deeper inside of myself to experiment, discover new information channels, build better awareness for the NOW (still massively, almost impossible, tough).    

As what often happens in any clique or popularity group, a few start to get bored and maybe even roll their eyes at each other before slowly creeping out of the room before anyone notices.  Many of the YUPPY folks of my youth were amassed under the umbrella of LINKED IN, with the Millennials pushing us from behind, the genX totally crushed in between.  A few went exploring new and intriguing ways to communicate and amass even more information, across every mile possible (even space if you paid attention to the Canadian Astronaut who was teaching science to kids from space, as the Space Commander).  

By then, I'd carefully placed my basket of goodies:  knowledge, experience, character, fashionista style, gregarious personality in with Google, while I left to explore places like Twitter and much later on Facebook and glimmer from Pinterest.    There were no user manuals.  Which seems ridiculously odd for the YUPPY ~hood who were in the thick of the 80s when Bible/Quaran-thick manuals were dumped on us from everywhere!  You couldn't buy anything without being indebted to all the plastic, books, booklets and encyclopedias came with it.  Enter my era of the 90s.  The persistent patience presented an opportunity to be interested in something, be savvy about it, and then sell it.

Yes, I have been lucky.  Or, does success fall upon those at the right place and right time?    Busted, I know.  That is NOT a MINDFUL thought.  Then again, like space explorers now or sea travelers back then, pushing all us to move beyond our own squared, boxed in thinking.  So narrow in views that peace is less of an option.  As long as two opposing parties believe that they have the ONLY answer, we will struggle to move beyond so much turmoil around us today.  Then again, lucky if you were born when I was.  I am more familiar with sifting through hype and reality, think about the short shelf of the disco era?  If it were up to the Yuppy generation, it would be right up there as a sub-culture of rock and roll.  

Right now, I am mindful and thankful for +SocialFave and the team.  What a great tool for customizing one's Twitter relationship.  More like an extension for the Twitter devotee than a tool.  A great example of perseverance, persistence by the founder.  I'm too polite to ask whether it has paid off yet.  I'm going to guess not, because I want to sprinkle back that business savvy gained from sales hiccups.  The pay off is ultimately the longest wait.  As my dad would always ask me, sidetracking me quickly and surprisingly or more nurturing and understanding:  "What is the pay off?".  Great idea to keep that question close at hand, to assist with the struggle of not dwelling on the past or hurry to quickly towards the future.  A nice way to say, hey, I like it NOW.

Gone to hell in a Facebook basket

thanks for accepting my friends request
very welcome
how are you doing jeannette
well thank you .... writing and posting like a maniac
i am Morrissey from Detroit,Michigan 

i certainly hope so or else someone just hacked your account buster!

::: ________________ :::

Well ... there you have it. That is about as magical as it gets and annoying even more so.

It reminds me of that old commercial that an elderly lady softly groans: "I've fallen and I can't get up."

For me it is I've fallen into Facebook hell and can't get out.

Granted, many who approach aren't going to be accused of superior intelligence and by no means even in the same hemisphere as genius.

Do people think that women, in particular, can't identify a pattern or know a little bit about culture?

I'm guessing the answer is YES :: well for starters, mostly gents with often fake photos who want to assume a North American identity, we don't go by our last names first.

Otherwise it would be "TrumpDonald" or "SandersBernie" which both sound like candidates for a sitcom dontcha think?

Why is the opening line after examination and exclamation about my looks: where you from?

If you spent half the time looking at my photos, you would clearly see I'm identified as being MARRIED.

It seems like only a moron would hit on a lady who visually shares that she is married. Oh, yes, she does have a Facebook Page which she seems to obviously be on Facebook to begin with for.

My children, family and very close friends have my personal Facebook profile. I presume they follow the optioneerJM Page at their own risk by their own choice.

I think it is fascinating for my three girls to see me beyond a mom, wife or career person. Not by my sister, Diana, who experiences and witnesses the genuine joy I have from meeting new people ::

I'm sure she'd check for KICK ME sign pasted on my back. She'd know I don't bargain for that kind of attention.

I'm just passionate when I love something and I tend to pick passionate subjects or images. Vivid colors, optimistic vibes, and seemingly little fear.

I experienced real fear for one of the very few times in my life. That is pretty lucky for me, considering what goes on in our world.

Faced with someone I know under serious MENTAL HEALTH issues :: it is no longer someone else's problem. My family know this person. I forcibly stopped myself from identifying gender or any specifics.

That will be a Blog better suited to MEANDERINGS :: but the power of social media as it relates to Facebook has its great and disappointing issues.

I've been writing like a MADwoman .... doesn't look like I'm very used to two days off in a row, else I wouldn't be rambling and clicking rapidly on these keys.

Whether you followed me adventures tonight from my Blog (all four of you) or Facebook posts, or Tweets, you've certainly joined me on a ride about identity, discovery and ... meanderings.
::: _________________ :::

What the heck, there is all the music Apple picked out for me in iTunes to listen to:

::: _________________ :::

Or enjoy the beautiful inspiration by The Boss - Bruce Springsteen that Google found for me and is winning me for the night:

3 CHEERS to fans everyWHERE

Thank you to whomever shared this article:

 "Do or die, master the art of public speaking." 

It has received 131 clicks based on your recom-

mendation.  That is awesome support and 

endorsement and I want YOU to know I noticed,

 and gip heaps of praise to your online influence:

  people are paying attention to what you share,

 demonstrating a quality of followers you have.

  :::: READ MORE on Blog (lol, making my own

 comment a Blog ::: only a Canadian can do that

 eh? Gotta love it!)  

Three cheers to:

Chrome's "Spell Check" behind the master 

minds of Google ::: only the richest billionairest 

corporations in the UNIVERSE (now renamed, 

and fall under the umbrella of "Alphabet") They

definitely earns props  for dethroning Apple ::

We knew you could do it.  Who's we?  The early

 adopters of G+ and your Blogspot blogging 

platform, and Reader, of  course.  

We certainly know who we are.  I even

know who make it hip ::: Guy Kawasaki :: who

cares what his original claim to fame was?  He is

now one of the most revered, admired Social

Media superstars.  

Why do I love Chrome's "Spell Check" (will fact

check later and insert name and link later).  I 

don't really think I even subscribed to it.  I think 

that the whiz kids at Google (now Alphabet) just

have gotten soooooooooooooooooooooo clever 

at intuitively knowing what I want before I even 

know I need it.

If you are not using Chrome as your web brow-

ser, you are sorely missing out.  

FACEBOOK:  Not to be ignored.  I have often 

said, along with so many others before me:  

trust your instincts and follow your passions, 

that are fueled by your reading to accumulate 

more knowledge.  

I have been known to say, that you have to pick

your priorities, which really are ladders to your

goals, your Everest.  ( I highly recommend this

movie under the #bestofeverything must see

right now before the Oscars take over and dom-

inate what you will watch in the very near future).

I admit that I have worked a fair bit, but still

manage to write more frequently (when you 

factor in my Meanderings or inBETWEENers 


I am the perpetual procrastinator, which recently

was said to indicate strong creativity.  What I

want to find out is how Facebook picked me?

I see a lot of folks trying to befriend me.  Now it 

is well over a hundred a day.  I can't keep up 

with the private messages.  I had to turn off 

notifications for Facebook off of my phone 

because I have texts set to vibrate and calls to 

theme of "Game of Thrones".

Thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg for your support.  I

am humbled.  Then again, perhaps there is

some sort of contest going on that the rest of

the world was aware of:  who can gather more

intelligence from its users??  Right now, it 

appears that Alphabet's Google is running the 

lead spot.

But wait, while we watch the traditional players 

in the computer space like HP, IBM, Microsoft, 

Apple try to dominate the cloud!  Stay awake 

boys because who is going to own the data?  

I can hint:  it isn't going to be any one of you!!

Hark, it's a two horse raise like the American

Democratic Party's Hillary Clinton and Bernie 

Sanders :: who have now rephrased the term for

hair's breath or sliver with HilBerPhenom.  

Alphabet will own the data that Google uncovers.

If you thought the emergence of MicroSoft was

bad or too swift, you haven't seen anything yet. 

Facebook, too, is getting more intimate with its

users.  Wouldn't I love a crack at creating a 

company for Mark's backing to market and sell

Facebook intelligence while protecting and

proprietary and personal information.   The only

big weakness I see in Facebook over the 

upstart Twitter has is you can't report abusers.  I

did hear or read somewhere  (sorry information

travels thru me faster than North Korea's arms

race) ::: a lady or gals are taking the guys dick

and posting it on his timeline so his wife, family,

friends, boss, or clients can see ::: not such a 

bad idea, except not something I want to risk 

my credibility with having porn pass thru my

computer or end up on my online photo album.

Yikes!  Mamma Mia!!  Shudders.

MicroSoft's Paint props to  Xerox 

invention :: the mouse (which Apple stole to

introduce The MAC).  I am fiddling around

and creating some computer art.  Idea farm

::: create an attachment for a stylus on a lap-

top for artists, amateurs, creators like me!!