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I never blogged about it, seeing the error of my ways now.  Professing to be a social media cowgirl (nudge to the Calgary Stampede that began today), I haven't really discussed or shared opinions lately on what is working on Social Media for me these days.

It is worth noting mostly perhaps because I juggle a "in real life LIFE" yet continuously drawn to the heart of social media:  the talented people who do make a difference in our world.  They may inspire, they may motivate, they may minimize stress, boost confidence, entertain, or lend a chuckle:  those people who are committed to making our world just a little better every day and any day you need that kick!  (keeping within the theme of hometown Calgary's famous 10 days of rodeo bravado and attendees who envelope their favorite pair of jeans, beaten up s**t-kickers ::... as reference to cowboy boots).

I should be more dedicated to sharing the tips and tried and trues I've discovered over the last 7 years as a younger maverick, willing to experiment, learn more, and become more open-minded.

It has been a journey of sorts.  Without a definitive beginning and unforeseeable (and hopefully much later) end.

Stampede Barbie

I know I should give more hi-JINX to the baddies, but focus more on the hi-FIVEs to the stars (as in sheriffs and in my case, Marshalls) out there.

BTW:  thank YOU once again #Brazil !!!!!  You've far surpassed the United of States for highest readership locale.  #Bravo!  Gracious.  Merci amigos.  

There you have it.  A hodge podge of random posts from across the universe.  Even as I work full time to collect a pay cheque I insert and post sporadically that enables me to claim a KLOUT score of 71% consistently.  

It proves that you don't have to spend hours a day or week to maintain connections on social media.  Some days, I only spend about 10 minutes -- like one would by checking their email.  Except, I log on Twitter and Facebook (mostly) to acknowledge those that include me.  

The mastery of social media finds its roots from who you are connected to (talented professionals) and what you like, share or post.  I like creating customized quotes and images that I personally identify with.

In fact, that is what encouraged me to launch my website  I struggle with the appearance and interactive value of the website.    It has allowed me personal insight into myself:  a perfectionist of sorts who knows what she likes when she sees it, yet lacking in website design skills.

It is all a journey.  Experimenting, trying new things and creating unique messages.  I want to create a website that captures those moments yet take it a big step further:  creating a central repository of online images and branded messages.