WHOLESALE blog advertising: a brave new www

Remember about a month ago when this blog was up for bid with the deadline all set for midnight New Year's eve, with the closest to the second would be deemed the highest bid? Then SOLD!  Well, that was a pretty basic idea for untapped potential to marketers:  where the steak doesn't sizzle out, the clouded crowded environment doesn't drown you out.  

I know, I didn't share a dollar amount so I could imagine folks would be skeptical.  I wasn't, my page views were still racking up, so folks were stopping in. 

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/OptioneerJM

I know it didn't work because I'm still here!!!  Almost sounds like a hoax to me.  Except I was the one spearheading it, so I know I was keen.   Yes, I did say it was an experiment, so I did do that: along with stepping outside my comfort zone.  Every once in a while on social media, you have to test the loyalty of your followers.  Not in a way that there are winners or losers, but in a way to see how one-sided my support of others may be.  There truly was a win:  I learned a lot and think it is worth pursuing again, another day, another time.  I have other fish to fry and cliches to come up with.


Yes, I do have some assembled loyalty, perhaps founded upon curiosity.  Some visited.  Many more stayed away.

Now, what am I up to?  Well, the cup is half full and don't give up baby, when one door closes another one opens.. quality goes to those that wait.. all that jazz.  

What evolved from trying to sell a pre-packaged brand (of note, January 13, 2016 ~ this is a missed marketing opportunity) is this latest idea:  why would a brand place only ... or RESTRICT their product placement solely in the hands of GOOGLE ads?  Why not do the same as most advertising purchasing is done:  carefully researched market targetted media, usually traditional media such as television, radio and print -- instead, you find, or you're pitched to place an ad, your logo, or video on blogs that you find would reach your target audience or expand your brand?  

Serious inquiries only:  optioneerjm@gmail.com

I'm sniffing out any maverick spending out there that may want a big BANG for their buck: specific placement, aesthetic layout, established audience and so on in the world of ROI (return on investment).

Yep folks, less brazenly than this post, you can place an ad on this blog at "wholesale prices".  Cut out the middle man or woman as it may be.  

TRIBUTE TO:  David Bowie RIP January 10, 2016

You pay the big bucks for the imagination, why aren't they tapping into new avenues to get their message out?  Did someone say social media?  You be the judge, or the buyer, or a renter.