Who in the heck is Jeannette Marshall?

Jeannette Marshall
as @optioneerJM

from Calgary, Alberta CANADA

A knowledge junkie, social networker extraordinaire, Calgary gal, leadership fan, business developer, publishing pro, new business rocket launcher, personal brander, demography student, artistic eye, talent curator, content creator and sharer, visual presenter, spokesperson and advocate.

 CAREER                                       HILITES

Easy to find and figure out when you go to see my profile on LINKED IN where it tell you that I've worked for magazines,
museums and art galleries.  I bounced around in technology, major corporations and major players where I’ve sold, lead sales teams, published, launched, project managed, security   clearance,  loyalty reward and retention specialist, having had the privilege to work for the finest organizations in the world, like Xerox and HP, who have experienced failure and dug from asunder dismal shareholder value while working with talented colleagues there, many of the best, along with those in golden star Telus winning by reputation, superb advertising campaigns and customer loyalty, strong leadership team. 

 I am a student of life, growing up figure skating competitively, post-secondary at a technical institute instead of the Ivy League. 
I often post my Blog on Linked In on career, business, sales matters.  Constantly on the look out for ways to improve myself.

 I present myself as s a "fabulous fashionista fighting her fifties"
I write about things that catch my attention or what I’m thinking about  i.e. fashion, beauty, cosmetics, movies and so on: 
I ove visual images. 

I study and observe a lifelong passion about generations' stereotypes and demographics on 

"The inBETWEENers"
Who are neither Baby Boomer nor GenX.

For those
who were born



Reach out to me personally if you would like promotion of your photography or content to share, tweet or PIN via @optioneerJM (you can follow me there or on Facebook 

My audience is steadily climbing upwards of 15,000 being quality followers, #RTers, clickers, PLUSers, likers, Influencers, pros and experts. Etc.
 I give credit where credit is due:  you, the talented imageers, adventurers and visionaries.



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I share awesome photography on #Pinterest on several boards, curated and organized by theme:  social media, foodies, #bestofeverything, Books and Reading; Movies and TV watchers; I promote and share news source leaders like Mashable, CBC Canada. Photography via 500px and Flicker for images; Guest pinner of Best of Pinterest Photographers,  Developed Blog as Jeannette Marshall on business, leadership, sales and social media on The OptioneerJM 

Writer, blogger  with presence under multiple blogs, boards, pages, groups of influencers; contributor on PINterest boards, Member of several GROUPS. 
I'm continuously testing new content services and sources.