How many TIMES do you CALL?

Many of us sales types start to wonder if we're being annoying and that's why we're not getting calls back from our calls. So how many times is too much?

I don't think there is a clear cut answer, yet I know statistically, 85% of all sales reps give up after the 1st call ... yet most opportunity happens after the 5th call!

If it isn't working, try some new approaches:

1) Change it up
2) Be explicit about why you are calling or why they should call you back
3) The higher you call, the more compelling their reason to call you back should be
4) Script Option: I appreciate how busy you are ... I will call back at such a such time (the earlier the morning the better)
5) Script Option: If I am calling you and you are not the appropriate person I should be speaking to, I would appreciate if (i.e. your assistant) or you get back to me with the appropriate person's name (I've done this, and then it looks like you've been referred top-down)
6) ALWAYS have a reason for your call and a reason WHY they should talk to you
7) Research: The best time to call a prospect is between 8:30-10:30 a.m. yet most people believe it is just after lunch (which is the worst time)
8) Research: The best day of the week to call someone is a Thursday
9) If I were to leave you a message saying I'm calling about life insurance (no, I don't sell that .... but who doesn't get a lot of those calls?) ... you'd automaticly delete me ............. but if I were to call you to say I have important ideas on succession planning that have proven successful with other executives like you (specific name dropping is always better) ... would you take that call instead?

Once you've developed strong relationships with key decision makers, they will want to help you be successful because in essence you've helped them in some way. Go ahead and ask them how many calls they get and which ones they answer and why?

Many times you will discover that they get a ton of calls/e-mails a day so they all start to sound the same. Yet disciplined decision makers also realize that they can gain the best information from their "circle" or go to to solve a problem. They hardly want to pass up an opportunity to learn ways to save money, save time, ease pressure, solve problems. If you can "hit" that note in your voicemail or message, you may be more likely to connect.

Here are some ideas to give you incentive to keep plugging:

i. Remember, they're busy. Yes, many are intentionally ignoring you. Many more are simply to busy to answer every call/e-mail they get.

ii. Keep in mind, that many decision makers become cynical after dealing with sales people who over promise and under deliver

iii. Try sending a introductory letter so that you can carefully lay out what it is you are offering, how you've helped others, and when you will call to set up an appointment to share your ideas in depth

iv. They're counting on you to give up after the first or second call