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If you have any online profiles under assumed names, pseudonyms, professional ID, identity, personal name, you are responsible for the impression that it gives.  

I certainly have many facets to my personality, as do most of us.  Therefore, I write prolifically now on different topics that I am fond of or digging for more knowledge on, wanting to express myself on.  Here, on optioneerJM, my first blog, I've dappled in social media along with my tips on sales and leadership examples.  I had someone [that is not an online person or personality, just a very good lady] read my MEANDERINGSabout blog first [ weird part is she said she found it via LINKED IN which is connected to optioneerJM].  Her words of advice seemed to indicate that I was a bit of a crackpot.  Now, she is an esteemed professional, not someone whom would be called a friend.  

That sucked.  I was a little bummed out about it to be honest.  Now, after four days off work, spending the better part of the day at Kananaskis Park, just 45 minutes from Calgary, after a hearty breakfast by 9:30am at The Chuckwagon Restaurant [ featured in "You gotta eat here" realized once we were there!].  I went with my beautiful, talented daughter whom I shall not name and whom I am ABSOLUTELY forbidden to show photos of ANYWHERE.  It's this promise that I have such a hard time keeping, but I'm doing pretty well, no slip ups accounted for [ just confirmed spies of her's that keep on eye on me on all the social networks that she has since BLOCKED me EVERYWHERE.

A Virginia G. "Brain Fart"
Virginia was the most polished, professional businesswoman I've ever worked for.  That would include my first sales manager and my former colleague who is now the CEO of a very favorite institution.  Out of all the questions ever posed to me, she was the "Barbara Walters" of my life.  She could ask a question in such a way that you could never not answer, but want to answer in a very concise, articulate way.  Because she represented the same.  She had survived this extraordinary brain decease that very few survive.  The fallout was one eye askew.  It danced when she laughed but it peered right through you when she looked at you and asked you a question.  Now that IS an art!  Some of my best teachings and guidance came from Virginia.  She WAS the art behind the deal.  She made it masterfully simple.  Being able to ask a question that was concise and got to the heart of the matter.  She had boundaries, was relatively private [ if that is possible living and ongoing renovation of a historical heritage site in Edmonton, while centralized career revolved around Vancouver ].  Yet she had the uncanny ability to ask a question that was borderline ethical while said in a caring manner.  I may describe myself as inquisitive, flexible and willing to look at a number of situations but when my homework is done, I'm steadfast in my opinion formed by dedicated research and knowledge quest.  However, when Virginia G. asked a question, it was said with an authority that couldn't be missed, communicating non-vocally, that she expected an immediate answer.  Her bullshit meter on high alert.  You knew that, so you didn't even bother to try rolling any excuses out or avoid your own blame.  Accountability with an iron fist and a feather touch.  Thank you notes were always personally penned in her beautiful, flowing, script handwriting.  When you got one, you knew you had earned it.  Out of all the people I've known in my life, Virginia G. would be the last person one would think of where the term "brain fart" originated from.  That were she.  I use it often.  

It means I don't take myself too seriously even though I sound firm and attached to my pride at times, I'm considered too personable by my immediate family.  Where my daughter asked me at one point today:  "why are you so trusting with people and start talking with strangers?"

It would seem that she got the Virginia GIFT.  Me taking the question, absorbing it and turning it around to examine all the sides.  Wanting to come up with a perfectly logical succinct response.  What a great question.  I'll have to mull it over and give it some time to ponder, reflect and figure out the reason.  It's not just a matter of not being shy.  There's something more.  

QUIT your bellyaching and start SELLING

Have you said that to your sales crew yet?

QUIT your bellyaching
and start SELLING

Now, try it again with an Alec Baldwin'ish tone and thunder:

QUIT your bellyaching
and start SELLING

That's not the point friends.  I'm going to share a REALLY big secret about sales:

Your behavior doesn't change
therefore you sell more.

The Hunkster Hubster and I have enjoyed our wonderful, beautiful stay vacation in Calgary this season, and it has been absolutely great!!

With the icing on the cake being our purchase of a 1964 FORD Falcon Ranchero from the proceeds from selling our 1979 Porche 911 - dubbed "The GETAWAY Car" by me.  [ I'll have to write memories of our beloved 1979 Porche 911 -- the year we both graduated from high school].

Up up and away ... to the top ... of social media

Jeannette Marshall
Jeannette Marshall, Google Analytics Certification Exam

Growing followers is a work in progress.
There is no magical formula. There are no short cuts [other than tools that help manage and improve engagement with your followers].
that you live. Whether it is photography, mechanic who fixes up cars, a plumber or whatever. Everyone has interests that make themselves unique. Pick yours, then it becomes easy to find images, quotes, articles to share on any of your social media profiles.
by the biblical proportions you will grow …. as in you will reap what you sow.
Is not unlike farming. What you dig in or drop into becomes your hype or vibe, soon attracting a following of others with same interests.
Or go looking for them for the interest that you are going to be enthusiastic and opinionated about. If you love something that passionately, feel that strongly about whatever that is, it is likely you will rise to the top.
Gets further and further from the top, and far, far, below. Your clicks, your tricks, will lend yourself towards that pocket of karma.
By being inspirational, helpful or knowledgeable, you will likely ascend to the top. Eventually, even, perhaps, be referenced by others as an “EXPERT” about something.