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Saturday, September 17, 2016


QUORA SAAS ... what else?

24 hours ago could be a week for many other people. Under my meanderings.ABOUT blog, I've carried on about the theory of being a mental energist.  That is someone who, if their brain looked like the inside of a hamster cage, the wheel would continually be going around and around, albeit much slower during sleep.


Before Friday, I was the hamster turning and turning around, never uphill, thankfully not down either.  It must come at a certain age or just pop out at peak moments of awareness in our lives, possibly, if lucky, more than once.  What 10 years from now seemed like 25 from then, only to feel like it means only 5 now.

I guess I was doing a lot of self-evaluation to figure out what I really want.  I'm more used to being on a roller coaster ride, sometimes hanging on to my hat, other times letting my hair just blow.  Then all of a sudden you can feel like a hamster, still moving ahead, no speed bumps, no standstills or traffic jams.  Still a little sweat, just not in magnitude any more.

What does SAAS stand for?
I did have a mini rant a few years ago about people who work for companies, feel like it is a medal of honour to use the same acronyms from within that dynamic culture, began including it in every day language.  Soon after, nobody stopped anyone to ask what the meaning of it was because it just seemed like everybody knew it like a noun more than an acronym.

An exchange with a SAAS genius
See, I'm pretty much like anybody else, perhaps more curious than most.  It seemed like there was a mutual admiration for each other's background and successes or failures.  We didn't get on to talk about any failures.

like anyone in the military does
You stand at attention when
there is this BWAMB !
kind of reaction
when I think,
this is a pretty
smart dude
(in this case guy).  

He just stood out to me like a superstar.  You see, I've been on Linked In for over 6 years now.  The hungry entrepreneurs of then, are the talked about success stories today.

Like any self respecting professional would do, I clicked on his Linked In profile.  Just about talking to anyone anywhere I will try to cross-reference them with a Linked In profile.  What I mean, is I verify their name and just a few personal profile details I make a mental note of, on Linked In.  

Cool, coolio or cooler?
What is really cool sometimes is that someone's professional profile is just that poised, polished, professional presentation of one self.  Who they really are, night and day from what they carry on their shoulders.

Yeah, like another powerful drug, that instinctive feel that this person's PPPProfile is one side, yet the other singular most powerful ingredient on the other, you may not say on the conservative side, is
P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-T-Y .
That is my true gift.

Interests and gifts divide
You can have one singular gift, time consuming, heart consuming, head consuming gift or you could say talent, but the interests on the side are sparse and not very frequently occupied.

is a word we most often associate with powerful country leaders: think John F. Kennedy, Pierre Trudeau, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau.  I don't think you qualify for charisma until you've dusted off a few brush ins, dusted off, and stood a little taller and prouder after.  That's how I think we should consider that meaning.

I think there is a certain vibe and invisible energy that emits into the atmosphere by those impacted by watching or meeting a charismatic person.  An inaudible pulse like a mist surrounds them.  Profoundly rare, charismatic people are the beacon to the evil and cannier sharksters.   

I don't think you can emit charisma unless you have some sort of humanity that you may be aligned with.  

JOHN F.KENNEDY> was the greatest benefactor for race relations: to conquer and overcome racial bias and discrimination.  

John F. Kennedy 
was the first 
American President
 who was able to
"make America GREAT again" 
inspired by others
who had to 
build a country
 from scratch,
 accounted for more
who carried it on their backs.
He had to take it on as a
 belief and vision after
 wars, stock market crashes,
 famine, drought, floods,
 fires, hurricanes, tornadoes,
 tropical storms, blizzards, danger,
 John F. Kennedy 
was leading the country,
 making believers out of
 the stomped on,
 to start feeling
 about the future
 without bias,
or racism.
Who does that
remind you of?
I agree
the BIG B-O!*

BARACK OBAMA>outspoken for women, as an advocate creating a better future for his daughters' tomorrow.  The threat of ISIS with bursting bombs surrounding the world and his presidency.

PIERRE TRUDEAU>made the ladies swoon.  He was a world class eligible bachelor.  A challenge of so many women.  Honey who attracted bees and buzz.

JUSTIN TRUDEAU>and his wife, Sophie were the belle and prince of the ball hosted by the Obamas at the White House.  They stole away with the glass slipper:  the adoration of millions around the world, not like anywhere else have the fairy tails shown the "Happily Ever After" but now we can to watch it unfold by Justin.

Linked In ..... I flitter on and off my social media sites to check on the stats and see if anything pops out at me, shows me something new, informs me with more knowledge.

I wrote about onboarding two years ago, interesting or curioser and curioser.  (Who says that in Alice in Wonderland?) Scavenger Quiz by optioneerJM
I was really impressed with this background:  said very smart technology person.
Certainly, this person won't be revealed.  I'm not a journalist or a reporter.  I'm more of an observer and intake specialist.  

1)  I am permitted to have an opinion about a current, past or candidate for the presidential responsibility of running the powerful U-nited States.
2) Yes, I do have at least a high school education.
3)  No, I have never had to live in poverty, but have felt the threat of it more than once, which can be just as devastating as living it.
4)  Now that President Obama is coasting to the finish line, feeling comfortable with the legacy he will leave, upholding the responsibility to the best of his ability, his advisors, empathetic to his people.  He has to get used to poking a little more fun at himself, and stop using his stable of "Michele opinions" to lighten up a tense situation.
5) No, I did not intentionally or otherwise, utter or reference a presidential candidate as to express any kind of endorsement of either candidate, especially the one who will lay claim to it or start calling me names on Twitter, unless a murmur of a mock instead
6) Not naming names and steering very clear of controversial references at most, should excuse and misleading or misunderstanding of favoring one candidate over another.

Reminds of the saying:  "Try, and try again."
 Not exactly your dynamic duo IMHO 

And Americans are afraid of a Dictatorship with Trump?
                                  ~Jeannette Marshall                                         @optioneerJM                                                                #quote