Surfing around the curiosity yonder

Just answer the question DAMMIT!

I have this underwritten rule, that has been private up until now.  Because I recognize that in order to become a voice others trust, I have to be honest. 

Truth be told
 The rule is that I don't read much on other people's take on social media.  The reason being, I don't want my own interpretation by tarnished or skewed by someone else.  I confess that I was really tempted to go look at Marie Smith (Facebook Guru referenced on right sidebar under "Social Media" references) to see what Marie would say, but I dug deep and realized it was not unlike trying to sell magazine ads to someone.  

What can you expect?
They are asking what to expect and leaning on their network to find the answer.  Thinking someone would step up and stand out with a strong, accurate answer.

The answer business
is a fine way to bring to attention your strengths and attributes.  One of the reasons I was willing to escape Linked In Group discussion was after finding someone practically cut and paste part of an answer from me.  

On the brighter side
The good ones stand out and the shady ones also.   You kinda get a strong sense you're on the good side when you get invites to connect from strangers in unique industries you are not as familiar with.

Stand out
So you can stand out, if you know your stuff. I still exchange tweets or message some of my best and still-current connections from Linked In to this day.  It was mutual admiration society or similar interest ville. 

Refreshing honesty
seems to be a welcome introduction to newbies and war-weary veterans of surfing around, doing research, comparing, accumulating facts, looking stuff up, passing the time, gaming, watching mindless dribble, FAILheaven, and so on. 

Ah Quora Quora QUORA
Since I blogged about the sprinkling of requests to have more people answer questions properly, Quora is sorting through its people of subscribers and members to weed through to ask some to answer questions.  It can subtly flag it to others, or other questions it wants to send your way.

Since I talked about this value added feature yesterday, I have had 15 requests to Answer Questions emailed by Quora to me as Notifications in the last 24-hour period and counting (yeah, that was the jist of the article where I suggested people like numbers and lists, eek).  

Curious warriors
strength in not always in numbers, but the strength of the numbers can carry a lot of weight.  Quora's value proposition is it is a beauty trap for all the curious minds out there, opinion seekers, third opinion needers, answer-ers and not necessarily blowhards.

Alas, a question I discovered tonight was under a new group I'd joined for social marketers.  As I was about to close the page, like a beacon or a candy to beckon me, I went into the group.  The first question caused me to feel compelled to answer, taking a rest from Quora, and seeing how the responses are received over here:


Could you please advice me a strategy to run successful Ad campaign on facebook. Thanx

Marketing Professional

A: my answer~

There is a really important common point here:  who do you want to reach (i.e. aka target audience)?  

I get where you are coming from however,  Manjusha. It's kinda like asking a yes or no question and getting layered with excuses and/or seemingly unrelated or incorrect information and/or all.  

The right kind of social media partner should be able to identify what to expect from a Facebook advertising spend;  it's not that difficult for me to pinpoint because I sold magazine ads in a newspaper town, so I get how you must be feeling.

There are organic ways to grow within Facebook.  I'm a fan of this method because, although it is much slower paced, your connections tend to be more memorable and long lasting.  

Under this guise, I would suggest you join GROUPS, a really powerful feature and offering of value add by Facebook.