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I'm pretty pleased with myself because I am here once again, in my commitment to give insights to what characteristics identify a potentially top performer in sales.  

Just so we're clear, however, I want to emphasize that the three qualities identified:  tenacity + TRUST + follow-up are inter-twined.

I recognize that I may have made recruiters' jobs a tad more challenging by stating that these three characteristics go hand in hand with the ideal candidate for sales superstardom.

  • Tenacity:  those that are committed to a career in sales have one common trait, that is uncommon. They don't give up easily.  If you happen to be in their horizon or sphere of targeted prospect, be ready for a ride.  They might write, call, email or post to get your attention that you should be talking to them.  They have a value proposition that will solve a business need that they just know will make your business' life easier.  Why? Likely because they have an uncanny ability to instinctively identify the ideal prospect and set out to understand everything that makes you tick.  That is before they even hit a keyboard or pick up the phone.  They more than likely know who your customers are, who your competitors are and play to that.  They may sense that their offering will be a winner for you, even if you haven't figured that out yet.

  • TRUST:  they give off the air that they are not solely intelligent, charismatic enough to be on your team.  They portray an aura of trust.  You instinctively sense that they have your best interests at heart while simultaneously achieving their own goals.  They call or follow up when they say they will.  They start at the top, because really only the important top executives will recognize that this smart, pro has communicated in a fashion that mirrors your values, image and goals.  In other words, they will make you look fantastic in others' eyes for trusting this new avenue or approach ... and it pays off.

  • Follow up:  Forget the over-promise and under deliver -- these keeners will do what they say they will.  And, if you think you're savvy, you've got nothing on them:  they have a diary, calendar, Outlook system that would make the most gifted project manager blush.  They may have their own system for following up, or they may utilize the tools available to make them a stellar professional:  a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.  When they are following up, they have all the details on what they perceived resonated with you, or you told them.  They know the who, what, why and where your problem lies, or what they have to solve them.  

Pretty simple?  You'd think so.  Yet, only the very BEST have these combined attributes.  Your talent recruitment system may have some identity metrics, but not as captivating as this.   Think about it, your recruitment process is to try to fit a
square peg into a round hole.  Yes, you have search power to make it easier to cast out a web of candidates, but you haven't identified these important qualities have you?  Trust me, they're important.  

Get out of your own self-absorbed importance and open your eyes to what qualities make the best in your camp:  tenacity, TRUST and follow up!

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