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I was starting to look to order pizza tonight, enticed admittedly because of the repeated appealing look of their square edged, cheezy, peperoni pizza, I went to Little Ceasars with a boost from Google to intuitively populate my search based on my location, sprinkled in with identity for my preferences.  WOW!  Talk about a bonanza of opportunity for the mighty Google.  

I am giddy with excitement.  I'm not sure I went on record and blogged about it, something tells me I did.  I had explained why I chose Google's Blogspot for launch of my blogging adventures.  Knowing back then, the instincts screaming at me when I was absorbing, watching, reading what others were saying.  Like trying to pick a rain drop in midair.  

The internet has been a bonanza for everyone.  Things like pen pals, handwriting, put a stamp on an addressed envelope, post it and wait at least 10 days with anticipation that the recipient may just have received your handwritten letter with a few photos you had choose from after you took them to the photo finisher and wait 5 to 10 days before they came back from you.  Regretting you hadn't taken multiples of a captive scene unfolding, surprisingly, before you like a speed forward opening of petals of a flower. 

SOURCE: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/celebrity/heidi-klum-unrecognisable-in-jessica-rabbit-halloween-costume-20151101-gkoa43.html PHOTOCAPTURE: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/news/a676734/heidi-klum-lives-up-to-her-tease-of-sexiest-halloween-costume-yet-with-jessica-rabbit-reveal.html#~psQzaDCcqR4dLo 

Guess what's trending on Google right now? 

Take that wonderful experience, remove any cost, use any materials, avoids any environmental footprints because its transmissions are air, blown like a soft puff of smoke from the minds of incredibly talented people:  the social media rock stars:

Google is outrunning, outpacing everyone else in the social media space, contrary to the mass perception that is on a battlefield with Facebook and Twitter.  Google is not cutting corners, my friends.  It has been a steady, organic exploration into our minds.  I will insert the number of GMail subscribers Google really has.  Expodentially spread that out to get hooked on to a potential brand, then sell that audience to that brand.  

Google is assembling our behaviours, our desires, our political beliefs, our financial picture just by what we ask of it.  To Bing's and Microsoft's dismay, Google outsmarted them on marketing synopsis.  Company's like Nike, Apple subscribe to this information to design, predict, guide, influence our choices today.  Compound that with the very tiny percentage paid to traditional media that still equated to massive revenue to traditional dominating medias like television, which outranks radio, newspapers, magazines combined!

I am so lucky.  I hitched my star to Google early.  Like five years ago.  It is like you are building your Google loyalty, just by the amount you rely on it to extrapolate that information to basically glide you to your true desires.   Like a teeth whitener appearing as you are just consciously aware that you are rolling your tongue across your teeth, before it registers that you should go see the dentist and/or get your teeth whitened.  White teeth symbolizing health, never hidden yet always beaming with happiness ... this strong perception driving you to this new purchase, having delved into your hidden desires.

Google's nod to celebrate Alan Turing.  

I hope my loyalty will continue to be rewarded by vague Google searches, freely displayed as a strong suggestion based on top Google results and positioned first.  I am going to be really happy that I am not relegated to the puny vertical ads beside the real meat, the ideal stuff, people are looking for before they realize they want them.  Soon to be credited to the genius of Apple's Steve Jobs as "Thejobseffect" a new Wikipedia identity is enhanced by their creation of a definition, reference, bio, history, images, dates, numbers or anything else related to that identity.  Google has responded in kind by ensuring that me, and only me, can be identified as anyone else.  I own my personal brand #optioneerjm @optioneerjm +optioneerjm because I started at the beginning, as a student of observation in the university of knowledge.  
The smaller, more inconsequential contributors like Twitter, Facebook, InstaGram, twist in agony when the lightbulb explodes into large fireworks of vision was before you at one point, whether by instinct, advice, greed for financial gain you took your eye off the holy grail that Google has launched.

The power of #everything will define the masses, the desires, the history, the honesty and the truth.  It will not be determined by being fed hysteria or alarm or warm feelgood mind mapping.  It will be true to many selves.  The power of determining fates, success or failure of an organization, without the mischievious hackers impeding progress or restricting it to the very few.

Information is the king of this new wide world we have before us.  Where we will only find information on health, wellness, beauty, fashion, true love desires.  Blogs like Meanderingsabout will explode into the radars of unsuspecting receivers of said information, rocketing them into the Generals position on the new checkerboard of Googles invention, influence and capabilities.

Back to Little Ceasar's adventure in webland blends into real life:  my order HAD to be a minimum of $20 then was proceeded to be asked what area of the city I lived in (which the number was driven from the website, which really should have a different telephone number based on the location of the website click, to be able to accurately populate printed menus, coupons in our dusty illused mail boxes.  

Sidebar:  brilliant already by Justin Trudeau to emerge as a man of his word as his first known action based on the reaction of those voting him in, is to bring back the Canadian Postal Services, the brainchild of the Liberal Party in _____________ insert date and fact check here ________________ .

SOURCE:  BestofCheesiestMovies 

Then finally, and fatally, because that pizza is going to have to be as memorable or better than its cheezy commercial that began this research uncovering as I write.  

#dontletcheesygetyoudown hashtag revolution as part of the #bestofeverything experiment where thousands, then millions will inspire, share love, overcome diversity by the people for the people land of opportunity.

First envisioned and reported here by Jeannette Marshall aka +optioneerJM this November 1, 2015.