When opportunity knocks: take a seat and be prepared to listen

This is where I will blog about a buying experience and the lesson to be learned extracted by defining how I want to be treated as either a consumer or a buyer (corporate or entrepreneurial).  Foot for thought on starting at the bottom and working your way up the food chain.

My Editor:  Oscar the Pug is a no nonsense taskmaster who does not heed excuses, nor does he rely on warnings, he wants to be objective and come to his own conclusions.  Thankfully, he reflects many of the qualities I like to think I have or continue to work on.

I did set up a website so that I can help others create their own online social media personality, whether by authentic name or invented character of charm.  It is called www.graFX.online.  I did launch a Blogspot blog for this graFX > see right sidebar link by scrolling.

I have to practice what I preach by setting up, executing and successfully launching a self-sustaining identity.  As always, I share my learning and leanings along the way.  Shortly after I launched this blog 8 years ago [ March 2010 ] I caught on to the numbers that there seemed to be some nibbles on the stories where I used social media experiences and education accumulated from trial and error.

I've used some blog space to opinionate on how current world events are in line with demographic trends based on numbers, which are based on hard facts.  

I've used another to exhume frustration and avoid rantings on meanderingABOUT singularly focus on my generation of inBETWEENers (those born 1960 to 1965/69 inbetweeners born after BABY BOOMERS and faded as GENx boomed and how those hitting 50+ are facing some events unprepared for:  YUPPYdom; family dynamics, blending families, being a mother, wife, daughter, sister.

I started using forwarding technology to customize my relationship with followers as normal day to day life or life threatening crisis happen, tend to interfere and hamper.

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