Fair-the-well post

Posted on a private account for which only REAL friends have dwelt:

It is with mixed feelings I am announcing to close this account on Facebook. I made it and kept it aside to keep contact with a lot of very important figures in my life, in person, and not on social media. So many of you already follow my OptioneerJM profile throughout the social mediasphere, so we'll still hang out among the stars who decide to risk their fear of privacy invasion .... at least take a few tips to stick your baby toe into Social Media, and follow the pointers in building your online reputation to be with class, dignity, honesty and intended with love. That poised individual is you .... i can help you on www.graFX.online my oasis from the real world ... casting the net out to some of my classiest, smartest friends to see if I can help launch their persona extraordinaire. (First two COMMENTS on my blog optioneerjm@blogspot.ca ) figure it out!