Coasting out of 2017 to POP on to the scene with the greatest vibe for 2018: TIP:"Get a charge out of numbers" .... at any capacity: whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, domestic goddess (aka me) sales pro or artist

Numbers are the new rock stars
By Jeannette Marshall
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I don't know about you, but 2017 has been an exhausting, emotionally especially, year.  That doesn't necessarily mean it is bad because I am a "half cup full" kinda person.  I am getting more attuned that I have conflict:  I either I am really outgoing, enthusiastic and personable or MOODY.  Those are two very different characteristics or moods.

I've held back a lot in so many ways.  Yet, for a very few, they may consider me an annoyance and nuisance.  I've exuded quality for the most part:  combating all the negativity we face, both online and off.  The main language in the art of communicating online is not only as some of the following:

  • Brand
  • Name Value (i.e. Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Gates vs. Job, as in Apple)
  • Is it a synonym with something else or is it one name only ?
  • Numbers (Followers vs. click)
  • Reputation Building, Reputation Maintenance, or Community awareness
  • NonProfit benefit organizations usually like United Way, Not-for-Profit services
  • Brand ambassadorship:  by the masses, percentages in public opinion, promotional, advertorial, paid brand ambassadors, contest or events
  • Behind the scenes IRL (in real life) there are deal makers, process shakers, innovators, disruptive (spell check can't even find "desrupter"), financiers, investors, shareholders, employees, vendors, clients, executives, agencies, charities
  • There is a lot going on:  you can start off with the intent to JUST check your email:  sitting there is a notification from one of your groups (aka subscriptions and social profiles) that takes you on a tidal wave of information, more clicks
  • Aesthetic value:  images, art, photography, selfies all dominate the visual spectrum bombarding one's computer screen.  The underbelly well amerced in creating outlet for the evil side of civilization.
  • Decoding our preferences.  More and more we are clicking on things that seem less and less apparently that it was slid in front of you by the forces of mighty data chunkers (another form of numbers enthusiasts that cover innovation, technology, applications, mobility, developmental, product managers and project managers).

If predictions for 2018 would be crystal clear  content being pushed out to us on so many aspects of our lives, we're so used to it, it doesn't affront only a small minority that make a conscious choice of not going on a computer, or if they do, only as a tool, utility mechanism for us to perform a task far more rapidly and conveniently that saves HUGE amount of times, from a few examples:

  • IofT = Internet of Things
  • required learning
  • thinking up
  • responding
  • comments
  • social media
  • communication
  • telecommunications
  • cellular/mobility/mobile
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Articulate Internet * (created by me as a new noun or name for designing targeted internet traffic campaigns based on desired or required behaviors, education, morals, values, economic station, citizenship, religion, gender, bias, stereotypes, percentages)

We're in such a hurry, we are quick to abbreviate or create synonyms with mere acronyms (meaning for example IBM is really International Business Machines while Apple is exactly that, nothing shortened or cutesy-upped).

We can all band together and rejoice, with the joint applause by everyone, the words CLOUD and DATA relegate to the back seat as everyone's preoccupation is on the what is considered a threat or the next disrupters.

is going to be the brand descriptive identifying, of which only a very few attain membership to.  They too, will be the next big Rock Stars by the end of 2018.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and a prosperous, healthy and loving year for 2018,


Jeannette Marshall