FACEBOOK friends

If you really want to start to categorize and ultimately decide which is your favorite platform, you need to take a look at your surroundings.  I reached out to my Facebook Friends to ask them that earlier this evening.

If you really want to ensure you have engagement with your friends on Facebook, use the "TAG" feature.  Don't worry, it is completely fine and acceptable.  Except if you have a giHUGE list of friends.  

You can scale back on TAGging those friends who express displeasure at being among your TAGs.  Yes it generates a lot of notifications, that would be for sure.

You can't possibly know whether your numbers are increasing or decreasing without examining your stats.  Each soME provider, from Twitter to Google to Facebook, offer free stats to decipher and relate to those numbers in a way in which they communicate.

I started this blog 6 years ago, diving into sales and talking about some of the habits, outlook, observations I had while enjoying the acclaim, compensation and recognition with awards and rewards.  You're right, I love(d) sales.  I enjoyed the strategy and the figuring out "what will it take?"  I've realized now, past tense times 10 that the real secret was being able to communicate:  in written form, in presentation pizzazz or bellowing oration injected with enthusiasm.  

Is far more contagious than a positive attitude.  Someone can have a fantastic, positive attitude.  However, it takes communication to make an impact.  Some managers feel threatened by a gregarious nature.  Heck, they should embrace it.  Discover how easier it makes their life when the team spirit is channeled collaboratively in such a fashion that nobody really knows who is creating it.  Except a few, perhaps.  Maybe ....

My Facebook Friends are the most engaged in all the networks that I belong to.  If I share a post or an image or a quote, I can always guarantee of an acknowledgement of some kind.  In fact, Google's kind analytics show me that Facebook referrals are the highest.  I've yet to figure out who my champion from Brazil is because Brazil likes the most, if the traffic audience data shows me the where, I just wish I knew who the who was?

Is an easy thing to express.  It reaches all ages, income bracket, age group, interest or demographic.  It is the first thing you learn to say when learning a new language.  If it falls after yes (oui) or no (non) that's okay.  However, MERCI I learned after danke, truth be told.  If you only post once in a while or once a week, at minimum, you can express thanks for nice service from a particular brand or provider.  

The cause of championship is by leading by example.  Demonstrate how nice and peaceful and easy it is to be a person who consistently gives thanks.  

Barriers are minimized or eliminated with gratitude because most people across the globe can say thank you in more than one language.  

Is the most common language in our world.  But for that to be true, I will have to detour for a fact check.  After all, it could be Chinese by now or even surpassed by Spanish.  Latin is a forgotten art.  Does anyone study it anymore?

Are a great way to motivate oneself, but it has far more reaching benefits when it is shared.  Finding an image to accompany it can POP for attention.  People love to share great images with craftily, gracefully embedded text within them.  Art.  Photography.  Chicken scratch.  All accepted.

Can portray moods.  Seriousness, somberness, sadness, moodiness, depressive aura is often considered with black and white images with a strong grey force.  Yet so is high fashion.  We can define our moods or our interpretation of a meaning by the colors we choose to accompany them.

Thanks for stopping in *^* jm xo