A Pinnacle Supporter:::.....have someone in your corner


As human nature seems to gravitate towards negativity, shock, violence, up-to-the-second NEWS, we lose sight of some of the best qualities that makes life worthwhile.

I've just about given up my MINDFULNESS experience, more like an episode as my mind does not like or want to discipline its mind by staying completely focused on one topic.

I've had some things going on.  For the first time in six years I've felt a need to carry the caveat:  the opinion that I express are my own.  If I share something on Twitter, it DOES not mean that I am endorsing the topic.  It may simply mean that I thought it would be interesting or newsworthy.  And all our newsworthy stories are rarely about heroism, philanthropy until Bill Gates and his CEO:  Chief Excellence Optimist:  Melinda Gates. 

Maybe this whole stratosphere is loosing some of its glitter of hope?  Some of the most nauseating and self-serving information seems to rise to the top.  In this instance, it is not always the cream of the crop.  I have a theory that if the cream rises to the top, then the Pinnacle point at the bottom.  In this information model, all the best information filters downward.  

Social Media really does mean #soME as in ME, ME and more ME.  As in So being shortened for #Twitter convo So can me someone, something or So about ME.   The truly unique become the Pinnacle.  I'm going to really have to think about that ::.... who do I know from meeting online that meets the Pinnacle of SoME (something about something, shared by ME don't forget).

REGARDLESS, or as my love would say::... "irregardless" which has annoyed me from day one.  Thankfully, the only time he says it is when we are in a group setting and he is trying to say "BUT" gracefully he says "irregardless" instead.

I'd like to say that articulation, diction and pronunciation have always been in the back of my mind.  Since when?  I can only think of this best friend I had when I was I'm going to say 12.  The very tip of the cliff before you fall into adolescence before adulthood.    That heightened awareness that you are stepping beyond childhood into never ever shoulda world of disappointment, defeat, failure, bullihood.    That wide eyed innocence in the belief that dinosaurs still live and being a princess is automatic and expected.

Everyone has that very first moment in life when they say to themselves::.... "OK, this isn't going over according to my happiness meter".   I'm sure it varies, but each person should have one of those.  I know, now you know what and how MINDFULNESS evaporates.  Be still thee mind.  Chill out.  Chillax - love that word ... a Hipster invention that could have come from the 80s Yuppies' mouths.

I had a conversation with a colleague and I shall call a supporter, or it really should be Supporter.  I didn't realize it quite then what it was.  I expressed sincere and deep appreciation for the Supporter's help.  That was genuine.  Yet it was today that I reflected upon how thoughtful, smart, receptive and objective this person was.  They are the only ones who can be genuinely called a Supporter.  

We eroded the workplace environment that promoted mentor programs.  Or maybe its because I am removed from a corporate environment that offers mentorship programs and match ups.  It was a distinguishable event when you knew that the company you worked for had your success well invested by them.  But even then, I may have had a Mentor, a great manager cheerleader, and a big group of team players.  I don't think I had a Supporter.

I went back to work for the company I'd left because the Supporter reached out to me to take me lunch.  The only time we had ever had lunch alone.  It was always a team celebration, client luncheon or nonprofit event.  I'm glad at that moment, I realized what I wanted:  A Supporter.  

I'd done some nifty things, stuff that sounds good on a resume as the truth rings out, with one common word expressed by the past three interactions or feedback:  one singular word:  impressive.  

It is what I had been craving.  I know I mourn the loss of that Supporter, who encouraged me to step a bit beyond and take on a greater area of responsibility.  Sometimes we're not always that sure of ourselves even if people's impression is of self-assurance.  Ever watch a deer?  Elegantly elongate their neck as it gently swerves back and forth gazing around to take in everything around it, the alertness that allows the deer to jump and be off so quickly.  It would be great to have instincts like that.

Do others ever feel like they're in an environment that is sucking the breath out of them?  Or that they perceive more toxicity than anything good?  How horrible.  It is a valiant fight against skepticism.  It is by far easier to be negative and a skeptic than it is to be optimistic.  

What DOES make it easier to be optimistic is when you have a Supporter.  The good news, it can happen again and in varying degrees.  Recognizing who and when it happens, is the secret to the Pinnacle of Discovery.

IMAGE: Pinnacle Rock
FROM WIKIPEDIA:  http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Pinnacle_Rock

Pinnacle Rock is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a rock formation consisting of spires and underwater caverns, located off Great Bay Coast. The path to Pinnacle Rock is marked by two rock spires that stick out from the surface. In order for Link to explore Pinnacle Rock, he must use the Zora Maskto breathe and maneuver in the water. Due to the curse that is plaguing Great Bay, the waters leading to Pinnacle Rock are murky. Should Link stray from the correct path, he will reemerge at the beginning of the route. Link can determine the correct path by acquiring the Seahorse from the Fisherman. When released in the waters near Pinnacle Rock, the Seahorse will guide Link to the cavern.