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Reddit is looking for new moderators for TVreddit @tvreddit as posted online.  I applied and want to share with you my application so that if you do deem worthy go and UPVOTE my stuff or that application to increase the likelihood of success.

Or simply read this commentary as I continue my quest to find my devine real purpose in life.  Is it writing or sharing content that people enjoy?  That is part of my journey.

This is what I wrote

[–]OptioneerJM [score hidden]  
I am located in Calgary, Canada and am an active poster, blogger and social media enthusiast where I am trusted for sharing interesting content from afar and wide. Currently, my favorite on TV is CBC and CNN, followed by Game of Thrones :: I watch the news as my "reality TV" unlike "Big Brother" or "Survivor" yet known to watch "American Idol" and tend to buy iTunes as some evolve into a career. I work in Loyalty and Retention for a very large telecommunications company so I'm used to hearing people complain, swear toxicity, demand everything. This would serve me well as a moderator, which I have done on Linked In for a sales group (you can't get much more tempermental than that group can you? OK, maybe except politicians, creative artists and highly talented people can be.
You have me flagged as a BETA tester on reddit so I reckon I have some sort of brain that you've leveraged at some point. You even follow me on Twitter to @optioneerJM which is quite the nod in interest or strong indication of influence? ANDDDDDddddd Reddit drives some of the highest content to my Blogs than anywhere else; that is recently, and I've been doing this for 5 years as a hobby. Since I am online often, I could include frequenting as moderator since I'm floating around anyhow looking for something to catch my eye to share, comment on or dedicate a blog to as commentary. These involve social injustices, tragedy, inspirational good feelings stories, tech hints for the average being. Writer of what I know being mostly a sales winner, mother, friend or colleague with visions unfolding as grasping towards the holy grail of being in tune with what people want to look at, watch, or read. That is my super power. My other powers are instinct, humor, intelligence, humanity, gregarious personality or creating superbly shareable images with quotes ~ graceful or funny more commonly known.
Eventually, I would like this adventure to evolve into an income generator. Through highly selective advertising brands I will originally host with hopes that eventually they will want to pay for the spot.
I'd like a vision where my website or my blog will host its own advertisers or brands. Where I will control the ad content like Prince did for his music :: in harmony with word, images and knowledge these brands or advertisers will embrace.
Think of an environment where I control ALL the content, from the writing, to the images, music shares, inspirational quotes, advice and leadership, or all at once in a less cluttered symphony of digital reading glory. Where just being there will be the experience.
I guess I got long winded on the goals. To not, would be to avoid telling how this opportunity as Moderator would lend credibility online.

Go check out REDDIT.com and set yourself up.  You may discover some interesting content.  Even stories that have not even registered on Twitter or Facebook or any other social media platform.

Like YouTube is for funneling out videos, reddit.com is channeling stories by the masses, for the masses, determined of interest by the masses.  Where YOU can set up your own channel, where you are the moderator, determining what, who is on message to your vision or voice.  You can upvote what is spot on, settle down someone hath fury, or simply remove those that may not be "getting" your meaning.

reddit.com is a site where cultivating content is a given and choice.   Your clicks and keystrokes are like your old television remote, whether you flip through the channels randomly restlessly looking for something to catch your interest, or run to when you want to hear about something or be entertained and chill out.

I think there are a number of less obvious choices for serving your purpose online.  Are you looking for images and resort to Pinterest, then maybe you should be expanding on G+ (Google Plus) for wonderful images and beautiful photography.  

With reddit you stay on the inside track on topics that interest you and where you rub comments with like-minded people.  Bearing in mind the rule still applies ....

You ARE the company you keep for sure but online it is much more.   You are what you read, what you share, what you like, and what you say (not how you say it in real life with a smile, a voice inflection that can be musical in tone or gruff with noise.

You are not the ego that thinks that because you are online, you can take it and use it like a blowhorn for any beef that you have.  With reddit.com you are upvoted or downvoted based on that climate you create yourself.  

It's greater than relationship basics where bullying is not condoned while beauty expounds.  Where voice is replaced with lyrical prose captured by quotes or blogs or masterful images convey the message at one glance.

Time is limited.  People's attention is very brief.  Less than the 140 characters on Twitter, one tenth of a blink determines the destiny of the viewer:  to move on or click more and heavenly follow.

reddit.com is a judgement zone of what is going on, who is making it happen, and what we think.   Not based on our views but what our surrounding audience thinks.

Conclusively, I am recommending  you adopt reddit.it.  It is not somewhere that brands, advertisers or media can invade.  A cocoon of safety where you are left alone to think or decide for yourself what you think to emerge how you think.  Long before clicks being collected by Google searches or smartphone apps.  You can find an environment that can be quite secluded from all the clambering and noise.  


Feel free to look me up, try it, and/or tell me what you think?

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