"Create your own visual style .. let it be unique for yourself yet identifiable for others."                                                  
~Orson Welles
Social media dynamics are more profound when it allows you to simply reTweet, share, Google Plus the images that appeal to you.  I started to share on an ongoing basis the photographs and images that appealed to me from primarily #Pinterest .  I adopted a new sidebar on my Blog of images that I liked on Pinterest.
Prior to that, I was invited to post on a group PIN of "Best of Pinterest".  As time elapsed and momentum eclipsed what I thought was phenomenal imagery transformed to an opinion that mattered by the momentum of those who re-PINned, shared, liked what I thought was the best of the best of photography. 
What wasn't obvious to me was what appealed to my visual stimulation would appeal to so many others.
What is NOW obvious to me is that we all have a creativity nestled within ourselves, but it is only the brave photographers and artists that are able to open up what we find amazing or extrapolate our own vulnerabilities to expose ourselves, our creativity to being examined, microscoped by others to critique what we identified as unique and visually phenomenal at the time.
It is with distinct pleasure that I share some of the images that resounded amongst many - photographers, imagers, creative types that shared themselves and I identified as some of the best:




There you have it.  These are a compilation of some of the best images I identified on Pinterest that appealed to me.  Luckily, many others agreed and re-PINned and shared.
That is what I love about Pinterest it allows me to curate what I visually find appealing.   I was honoured when invited to post to the "Best of Pinterest" and did so.
What I'm not telling you is that I also have a board "ArtWOW" amongst many.  What I found disturbing was an inbox email from Pinterest: I just received notification from Pinterest about a complaint that I was infringing on a copyright on a Marilyn portrait that I shared. I did apologize to the artist but also pointed out: "FYI Pinterest is a phenomenal way to showcase your artwork and by ensuring your images have a stamp by you on them, will insure that the credit goes to the proper person. If you put the copyright mark on it, it can also serve as protection on legal matters, prevent reproductions. I'd be commending people who are willing to broadcast and share your talent rather than complaining."

Don't post or share anything that you don't want to be shared.  Hide and conceal your talent where others won't post or re-share what they find appealing.  If they do, don't complain when others are sharing your talent.  Hide out, protect your copyright.  However, don't expect others to give you credit on your creativity.  It's quite annoying when we're trying to promote your talent and you complain.