What’s in, what’s out? 2012 Predictions

What the heck, everyone is throwing their hats into the ring by forecasting predictions for 2012, I may as well.    My predictions do have a fine line between prediction and a wish list with a twist of sarcasm.





  • Visibility on Google products (Blogger, G+) will influence search results on its search engine.  That being said, Blogpost will nudge out WordPress popularity.
  • Mini skirts will be consider superfluous and replaced by ultraconservative maxi length while Jennifer Aniston tresses will be replaced by pixie cuts.
  • Klout rhymes with “out” as more savvy, user-sensitive influence measurement tools emerge learning from mistakes on ways to find more unique ways to attract revenue.

  • There will be an election in the United States and a referendum held by the American people who will decide how government will solve its deficit, economic issues outlining the tasks for its leaders.  Lobbyists with deep pockets will turn to save their own organizations.
  • TherePeople will evolve from “what’s in it for me” to “what’s in it for you”.  (I can only hope)
  • Cool people will be called “G+eeps” instead of  “tweeps”.
  • Facebook Page “Likes” incentives, freebies, will decline as it is a poor measurement of engagement.  I repeat Page likes, not comment likes.
  • YouTube videos will continue to soar, with guest spots on Ellen, Anderson, etc. replacing unknown musical talents to those focussed on videos that solve world problems.
  • Consulting/contracting will be the most competitive job space as Baby Boomers who hit retirement age of 65 in 2011, will be already bored and be looking to return to work.
  • The most controversial book of 2012 will be by Steve Jobs’ paternal father Abdulfattah “John” Jandali to lay claim and cash in on the legacy he help create.
  • The New York Times will issue an “EBook Best Sellers List” … that disqualifies printed versions. 
  • Twitter will add a translation feature. 
  • A distinguished, authoritative, academic figure will settle it once and for all:  you cannot make thousands of dollars a day by sitting on your hinny and surfing all day.
  • Canada will sell its “dirty” oil to the Chinese without spilling a drop in their back yard while Robert Redford becomes Chief Environment Officer at WHO (World Health Organization).
  • Talent will only be judged based on merit and not on Social Media influence, campaigns or popularity.
  • North Korea’s “North Star King” Kim Jong-un will star in his own movie based on his life, with limited distribution.
  • Broad-based Social Media will expand to more interest-specific social networking sites like Linked In with “MyPlace” for the decorating enthusiasts, “Rumble” for foodies,  “Healthbook” for health-conscious or medical professionals.
  • The word “free” will be banished from vocabularies as it is considered misleading and nobody has time to read the fine print anymore.
  • “Carpel tunnel syndrome” will be replaced by “index finger nervousa” as more incidents by tablet users are reported to their medical advisers.
  • All social media, dating, etc. sites will no longer offer photos, replaced by live videos feeds only (to the relief of many).


All kidding, tongue-in-cheek, with a dose of reality, aside ... Thank YOU for sharing 2011 with me.  If we all take the time to be thankful and offer positive change, imagine the possibilities in store for 2012!                                                                                            ~Jeannette