Coasting out of 2017 to POP on to the scene with the greatest vibe for 2018: TIP:"Get a charge out of numbers" .... at any capacity: whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, domestic goddess (aka me) sales pro or artist

Numbers are the new rock stars
By Jeannette Marshall
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I don't know about you, but 2017 has been an exhausting, emotionally especially, year.  That doesn't necessarily mean it is bad because I am a "half cup full" kinda person.  I am getting more attuned that I have conflict:  I either I am really outgoing, enthusiastic and personable or MOODY.  Those are two very different characteristics or moods.

I've held back a lot in so many ways.  Yet, for a very few, they may consider me an annoyance and nuisance.  I've exuded quality for the most part:  combating all the negativity we face, both online and off.  The main language in the art of communicating online is not only as some of the following:

  • Brand
  • Name Value (i.e. Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Gates vs. Job, as in Apple)
  • Is it a synonym with something else or is it one name only ?
  • Numbers (Followers vs. click)
  • Reputation Building, Reputation Maintenance, or Community awareness
  • NonProfit benefit organizations usually like United Way, Not-for-Profit services
  • Brand ambassadorship:  by the masses, percentages in public opinion, promotional, advertorial, paid brand ambassadors, contest or events
  • Behind the scenes IRL (in real life) there are deal makers, process shakers, innovators, disruptive (spell check can't even find "desrupter"), financiers, investors, shareholders, employees, vendors, clients, executives, agencies, charities
  • There is a lot going on:  you can start off with the intent to JUST check your email:  sitting there is a notification from one of your groups (aka subscriptions and social profiles) that takes you on a tidal wave of information, more clicks
  • Aesthetic value:  images, art, photography, selfies all dominate the visual spectrum bombarding one's computer screen.  The underbelly well amerced in creating outlet for the evil side of civilization.
  • Decoding our preferences.  More and more we are clicking on things that seem less and less apparently that it was slid in front of you by the forces of mighty data chunkers (another form of numbers enthusiasts that cover innovation, technology, applications, mobility, developmental, product managers and project managers).

If predictions for 2018 would be crystal clear  content being pushed out to us on so many aspects of our lives, we're so used to it, it doesn't affront only a small minority that make a conscious choice of not going on a computer, or if they do, only as a tool, utility mechanism for us to perform a task far more rapidly and conveniently that saves HUGE amount of times, from a few examples:

  • IofT = Internet of Things
  • required learning
  • thinking up
  • responding
  • comments
  • social media
  • communication
  • telecommunications
  • cellular/mobility/mobile
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Articulate Internet * (created by me as a new noun or name for designing targeted internet traffic campaigns based on desired or required behaviors, education, morals, values, economic station, citizenship, religion, gender, bias, stereotypes, percentages)

We're in such a hurry, we are quick to abbreviate or create synonyms with mere acronyms (meaning for example IBM is really International Business Machines while Apple is exactly that, nothing shortened or cutesy-upped).

We can all band together and rejoice, with the joint applause by everyone, the words CLOUD and DATA relegate to the back seat as everyone's preoccupation is on the what is considered a threat or the next disrupters.

is going to be the brand descriptive identifying, of which only a very few attain membership to.  They too, will be the next big Rock Stars by the end of 2018.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and a prosperous, healthy and loving year for 2018,


Jeannette Marshall

Habit, ritual or superstition: what belongs in a sales attitude?

The following question was answered on Quora, that I considered worthy of posting on a sales-oriented blog:

Hi Harsh - thanks for your invitation to answer this question.
Firstly, I can say that I may have cracked my knuckles once or twice, but not enough to consider it a habit, never mind a superstition.
I can’t say that I have any, really. BUT what I can share with you is that there are certainly some effective habits or rituals I undertake before attending a client’s to confirm a renewal or new project or a new client signing or commitment to move the business relationship forward. [ That reminds me of a closing statement I learned to ask to check for satisfaction, willingness to move forward: “have I addressed all of your questions, or is there anything else that would prevent us from moving forward by signing this document today? ]
I would say there are a few quick tips I can share:
  • Be prepared: know who you are seeing, do your research by understanding what they sell, what they offer, who they offer it to, who they compete against and who they buy from and why. Write a list of a few good question on the notepad you will be taking along to the meeting (don’t be tempted to take notes on a device, mobile, tablet, or laptop: people are accustomed to seeing others take notes; more find it rude when you appear distracted simply by thumbing or clicking on keys to write the notes).
  • Record of the meeting would hopefully have already been entered in your Outlook or Calendar with reminder set days hence to prepare, look up any information gaps;
  • To form good habits with data (aka information and customer intelligence), record the pending meeting on this client’s file BEFORE or immediately after scheduling the call. That would be a CRM system - or customer relationship bible. Including any valid notes, including any proposals linked to the CRM client file, record any emails leading up to the event. The intention here is to grow your sales … right?
  • Have the right attitude: be convinced yourself some identifiable flags that hinted that this customer may have a timely need for your product or service. Based on your familiarity with the client (aka monitoring and following your top 10 and its brand on as many avenues as possible: whether social media, traditional media or trade publications, online and printed forms the least favorable choice.
  • I power through my power point presentation and have a proposal or contract prepared to take with me when I go in: customers or prospects are impressed by your preparation. They imagine: if he/she puts this much effort into winning my business, I would imagine even a half -attempt to keeping it, would still be better than I currently have or this problem or issue that needs solving.
  • React swiftly to inquiries. As both a sales professional and a buyer, I can recall so many times being the first to respond in a polished, professional manner does put you in the place of the one to beat.
  • Do what you promise. Most people who buy don’t trust sales people. Change their perception on that (to the delight of all other sales types I’m sure) and show them that you don’t offer anything without the firm possibility that you can deliver (without compromising your team’s ability to produce/back up those commitments). You will lead in sales in the ability for others to trust you. They will begin to ask you questions on what seems to be unrelated issues that can evolve into unknown opportunities.
  • Call ahead to leave a message to state that you are on your way and will be there within 30 minutes (because you know from where you are to where they are, parking and reception calling to say that you’re here, and they will note that you are on time, no more than 10 minutes early). Review your notes and have an idea of what you are going to say, show and ask during the meeting. Decide a few symptoms you may want to look for that indicates a willingness to move forward even if there is no commitment or signature.
  • Don’t waste your time chasing the impossible. Don’t give up too early either. Least of all, don’t give up too easily. You can’t know that the person you were meeting with has been plagued with the very issue your product or service will solve. If you have good investigative skills, you may know about it more than they do because you have been following them (their company … please not them personally, they may think you are stalking then … unless it is mutually agreed to i.e. exchange Facebook).
  • Be hesitant with trying to be a buddy too soon: a golf game invitation when they have strict purchasing policies which disallows golf games, or may just charity tournaments. In fact, taking them as a guest to a charity golf tournament IS the best way to get a customer or prospect on the golf links. Be respectful of anyone else who may attend that does not golf. Don’t leap to invite them as a friend on Facebook, it is more appropriate to do so on Linked In so that you can do more recognizance on the individual’s background, community involvements, for rapport building conversations. Again, if you reach out to them and connect on LINKED IN, don’t try to sell them anything in those small messages. If you do, you can expect to be delegated to annoying.
  • When I know I’ve done most of what I’ve just listed and I’m on my way to my meeting, I will often put in a rock classic song or channel on my car radio so that I get that boost and charge from the energy absorbed, ready to bring it on because you know you did your homework and you prepared.

An outstanding image outweighs a witty title ::.... on social media, on Power Point ........ proposals ..... business plans ......

The image below honors "feminism"
as the word of the year 2017 by 

The following is a post I wrote on Facebook when I wanted to share the comments I saw online under job site INDEED ...... Maybe INDEED has hired someone to cross the pavement from that other G-spot on Facebook where employees, clients, interviewees can voice their opinion, anonymously or aligned by a brand.  

A very public scathing review of companies and apparently organizations that hire others, is becoming a central voice of opinion.  CEOs tremor at the power of opinion if one of the opinionator's were approached by a mainstream media or create a video for community support and advancement in ethics.

Our opinions are starting to matter a lot more.  Our opinions are our voice.  There is nobody else like you thus it is impossible for anyone to think, act, voice .... unless we have the acclaim:  "My opinions are my own ...." Does that really protect us (must find out).

I wrote this a few days ago on Facebook with the intent to repost it her on my meanderingsABOUT blog.  I chose Facebook to see it first because that audience is continuously showing and demonstrating their loyalty and support.  Now secondly, it is here on meanderings because this is where a 56 year old woman who is fighting her 50s while trying to be a fashionista fashion voice and social media personality for women 50 and over .... a growing following who like the vibe I transmit and bump into me in other social sites ..... 

Google's blogspot blog allows me to see stats every single day, subtract my own clicks to keep authenticity, and it has allowed me to grow an understanding of the following I catch vibes with.  Presumably you would think the two ME-generations (Baby Boomers and Millennials) ....

The greatest support for my Blog comes from my Facebook followers so thank YOU!!  However, honorable mention has to be to the WordPress crew who actively engages with YUPPYdom (my blog there).

Perhaps I am scattered around the various blogs but I'm not worried.  Why?  Because I read seven years ago (2010) that content was going to be king in the new generation of opportunities.  Perhaps an honorable follow to comfort which was the retail king launched and mastered by Steve obs' APPLE was devoted to comfort and ease for customers (with a critical eye on aesthetics to match the quality and value it was going to be branded as).  

Maybe all these scattered blogs identify with a specific audience by looking at the numbers and the hashtags that they're likely to react (aka click under), I observed a pattern evolving.  If I paid attention to the numbers under an article segment came from a particular strong regional audience from abroad, then I would cater the conversation in that direction.  For example, I blip on my blogging was actually on travel under optioneerJM.  Conjuring the dream to travel and discovery on new lands, unique people, honorable cultures and all-round good people.  I would have to thank Mazatlan, Mexico for that.  I have a blog in the works:  I'm now creating my own art for my posts (an advocate for artists who should be compensated for their work) I started to dabble with painting and then uncork this need to come up with the graphics as I gurgle the ideas in my mind -- big multi-tasking to be sure!!

I will write about these matters.  I have a blogging fever!  Being away for most of November, with a major delay in getting into the Christmas spirit (something my youngest daughter told me was one of her fondest memories:  how I went all out decorating and festivities surrounding Christmas.  I remember saying:  "I guess I figured out what must go up, must come down.... there was nobody around to help pack it away or help put it up".

The following was posted on Facebook yesterday:

An example of the power of statement made online ........ reviews galore! There's no fire to put out. It appears as though it were lit a long, long time ago. I've watched with fascination [wanting to understand the history and learn the culture] and dismay [ Canada's shameful treatment of so many honorable people, of Canada, at the hands of the residential schools.

There's a difference, I see. Not so long ago, Many non-indigenous folks, like myself, only saw what we saw closest to our homes, mode of transportation, path, event, city or town street or avenue: sprawled, sleeping or drunken indian man or woman underneath a tree, in the transit station, the stench of vomit mingled with body odor that would indicate bathing and hygiene have been ignored. Sometimes approaching one trying to get from point A to point B, staggering forward with barely audible slurred words requesting a donation towards their next meal, which would also appear to have been neglected or compromised regularity or shelter to have them, a soup kitchen, even kind words.

I admit to be one of the Canadians guilty of ignoring this great people. Hidden behind my own limited self-perceptions based on a VERY small percentage of a proud community and our country's founders. In so many ways, we have done them dis-justice very likely with shame, no differently one would with a son or uncle or mother struggling with addition.

Then, to make matters worse. We allowed the traditional media to influence those perceptions: NOT stories of courage, overcoming great obstacles, the struggle to keep a culture alive as its youth flock to the city, often recycling the affliction of their adult influences: I wonder how many of the youth of indigenous origin escaping the need to commit suicide, towards severe conditions of negative bias, fall to more dangerous additions like heroine or Fentanyl ?
A crowd across the universe is possessed by the cloud, data extrapolation of information from people everywhere to create algorithms :: who knows what Artificial Intelligence AI will tell, what stories will unfold.

If we think that racism and bias is alive and thriving in a pathetic world of people just trying to keep living, without struggle, starvation, addictions, health inflictions .... can you imagine what will happen when some computer generates an algorithm that dictates by stating the pure numbers that this is the preferred response rate, what will happen then?

We've already become a toss away society and we cannot blame our offspring, the Millennials, shoulder the cause alone. Because where did they learn that from, the offspring of the war era babies who learned to make one dollar stretch into five [ reference to my meanderingsABOUT.blogspot where I captured a conversation quip from my 82 year old mother, how she wore underwear made from potatoe sacks until her mother figured out that flour sacks made much finer cloth -- of Ukrainian heritage, can you say perogies without yum?

I rambled on a little too long. I will continue to blog and want to thank you for your support for a long time!! I am initially writing this on Facebook on my OptioneerJM page because my greatest readership falls like stars in the sky from Facebook.
I've started to expel the knowledge I learned about 30 years ago on numbers. I had the best example and will also write about that more.
"Tough nut to crack": There are great people, some amazing employees to work with. Everyone is overworked and underpaid, however. The political climate is intense, and the direction is scattered and usually unrealistic. Don't expect a long term position, but if you can handle…