Communication rules

There are often repetitive messages in my blog writing and it is rewarding when someone of superior intelligence grasps the meaning behind the messages.

Mike and I began our Social Media journey at about the same time (2010) ::... I was nudged a little harder over the cliff into the abyss slightly before him, and became what I thought as an unlikely mentor to someone who was highly successful and brilliant in his own right -- a successful book launch being a key metric that I recognized early on as a method to delve into credibility online among the endless noise and self-promotion of many self-described "experts".

Steadfast still, I am firmly entrenched in the belief that nobody can define themselves as an expert, no matter how many followers one has.  It is derived from how others describe you:  what do others consider you knowledgeable about is one thing, being credited as an expert quite largely another.

Mike reached out to me a couple of weeks ago via email, one of the few entrusted connections online that have never been derived from a face-to-face meeting at an event, social or association.  Not even a telephone conversation.

Having a virtual or personal conversation with a man who is not a relative, business associate is frowned upon as it can lead "to other things".  However, you can still be disciplined in having rich conversations and exchange of knowledge and learning from others regardless of gender.   There is an invisible line that should never be crossed.  

During a isolated time in my life when I was a regular church attendee, I still recall a message that resonates today from a wise Pastor:  do not be afraid to create friendships or be asked for advice from the opposite gender.  However, there are some areas to stay far from to keep it from falling into a downward, unethical spiral:

  1. Include others in the conversation so that it is not isolated, clustered by only two (the Pastor suggested that he invites his wife to any meeting or event that he wants to avoid falling into the trap of questionable conversations, particularly marriage counselling).
  2. It is okay to sprinkle in nuggets about your life partner, spouse, wife or husband, children, as a distinct flag that you are if not always happy, happiest with the person you are with and have no intention to stray.  Cheating is not at your core values.
  3. Keep it professional so that at any given time, the conversation may be shared with a sibling, friend, child, parent, spouse, partner without any guilt.
  4. Keep the topic off of relationship radars:  particularly complaints about your partner's shortcomings, dissatisfaction with your relationship in any shape or form.  That should be with your church minister or mosque elder or mentor (sibling, parent, etc).
  5. You can have a respectful, fruitful relationship with a person of the opposite sex, when your radar clearly signals "in a committed relationship with not a sliver of disregard or disrespect of your life partner".
  6. Any of these apply to anyone with leanings towards same sex or transgender relationships.
You CAN have helpful, rewarding relationships with anyone so long as you know your boundaries and it is clearly communicated by not so much by what you say but how you act.

FORECASTING revitalization and SOCIAL MEDIA thought provocation

I was wandering around social media, as I often do.  Living a country song in real life:  married to a Hunkster Hubster, my faithful companion Buddy [my Border Collie]; a productive week of sorts [battle my demon of "anxiety" caused by the realization that BULLYING is alive and well in some toxic corporate cultures that are so cloaked in manipulation and a play on words, causing it to be very difficult to prove::... EUREKA!  After a great deal of reading, researching on a potpourri of organizations, help associations, evaluations, discussions and distinguishable by authentication by psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists or medical practitioners ] they all basically agree that IF YOU THINK YOU ARE/HAVE BEEN BULLIED you likely are/have. ]

Take a look at this YouTube post by my content source favorite:  MASHABLE [which I reSHARE their content on Twitter faithfully, with never an acknow- ledgement of even a #RT never mind a #ThankYou hashtag on the feed.  Once, I had someone who was very observant that I tended to share @Mashable content consistently asked whether I belonged to or an affiliate of a compensated kind:  aka Brand Ambassador ].  

HEREIN is my comment, nestled among three really stupid ones ::... which makes me ponder if only gamers pay attention to Mashable.  Here I am a white, 50something, Canadian, Lady [how unique can one get on Social Media eh?] a solid follower of Mashable's since I can't remember when?  Likely, far at the beginning when I just grooved to the beat of their vibes from their posts:  unique, coolio, informative, positive or bizarre [pick your own perception of this really cool e-zine online!! ].  It is my intent to become a Brand Ambassador of sorts:  which usually include:

  1.  Informative, helpful, unique, inspiring, bizarre content under one umbrella
  2.  A cache of intellectually stimulating content
  3. Attractive to a distinct, talented crew of writers, assemblers and ensemble 
  4. Provides a wealth of information to sop up and absorb
  5. Has created a groove and a beat that resounds among a hipster or yuppy
  6. Is unrelated to race, country, politic, faith, color, educated or economics
  7. Has the gift of the spirit of sharing by creating share-friendly buzz
  8. Is more about the name "Mashable" than any singular contributor, artist, writer, innovator, video, mainstream oriented - NOT - material
  9. Eye catching wording or visuals, it begs to be clicked on 
  10.  Appeals to the curious, knowledge junkies, innovative, creative types.

Have a look with my comment after you take a look at the video link:

Brilliant!!  [ HEY! Who are the Bozos commenting here? ] I noticed the clear tribute to Hyatt which is signifying that this was "sponsored by" Hyatt ::.... which in social media terms means:  "PAID for by" .... I think that authenticity and credibility would go a far longer way if every Brand Ambassador, Blog, Website or Social Media Brand [ think:  instaGRAM as what I consider "the universal endorsement" social media site ] ::.... if it was REQUIRED to show in Profile that u are paid by a Brand 4 what U tweet or share.  

Another gem I uncovered while letting the content follow through on the headline after garnering a click:

It's no wonder the most prolific personalities or brands online are actively followed and sought.  There is so much abundance of information that allows you to discover a deeper insight to your own being by what attracts you and then ultimately you attract in kind.  

A giving bunch who belong to the inner sanctuary of the giving kind.  Not of financial means, more often abundance thin by monetary value but rich beyond imagination by having something in common:  helping others or helping the world become a better place.  

By observing your own stats with some sort of frequency, if not any kind of regularity, you can reach and get in touch with what others want to hear from you about.  Mine have been sitting there as plain as day or the sparkle of sunshine.  Understanding what it means is a great discovery.

Take a look at the numbers.  My consistent mass hails from Brazil.  Maybe a sign that this is the place where my soul aligns.  Or, if more pragmatic, objective observation is where you're inclined, the simple fact that Google's blogspot features easily translation, that removes restriction of reach by language distinction.

Brazil loves and keeps on giving the love to "Build a 30-60-90 Day Plan".  More instructional than philosophical, it lays out how to do just that.  Even to this day, Google is often my best online friend.  As it gets to know me, successful results abound.  Closer to what I have had in mind then my mind knew.

Taking a queue from my faithful crowd:  what is the content they most enjoy or find of value?  The ingredients to a successful sales path.  Less philosophizing and more educational.  You have a feel for what you are looking for whenever you are creating the content, the report, the analysis, the research, yet until you see it emerge does it create a spotlight.

I will proceed in the coming days on writing a more instructional blog on how to forecast accurately and consistently ::.... primarily geared towards the sales professional or those that aspire to be.

Get all your ducks in a row: ONLINE SHOPPING

I'm not exactly a beginner online shopper, but I'm a buyer or customer offline.  Like any new restaurant you want to try, you are apprehensive about trying something new.  Online shopping is kind of like that.  One's age and comfort with computers and navigating online are far outweighed by safety, security, privacy or hacking being a real threat.

I set up Pay Pal to be on my blogs so that maybe a few souls who have read my blogs, extrapolated some value, may want to donate a few bucks or even $1 to compensate for the value of what you read.  Unfortunately, some place I've never heard of had taken $15 from me.  Not very convincing as a hesitant first step you reckon, eh?

Online buying is a patient affair isn't it?  Many companies hitch up their website and start selling way too soon.  Long before they're ready or have process or infrastructure in place.

Fortunately, unlike a store, you don't have to be concerned with whether the owner or manager has to come to the front to see you because the likelihood of you telling that person that you will never go there again, will tell all those willing to listen about the shoddy service.  A public relations nightmare.  So you may get a coupon for 10% off your next visit (to guarantee you will revisit ... or maybe not with only 10 percent off).

We're not buyers or shoppers really anymore.  We are consumers.  How apt that is, no longer customers.  Yet all the brands clamoring and competing online are trying to get that magic reaction hit, when keeping up with demand and managing growth becomes a very large accomplishment to achieve.

Remember, your earliest customers, or consumers or buyers or whatever it is you call them, they are your first critics.  Pay attention to them.  They are helping you get better.  [ find quote from Bill Gates on customers to insert here ]

Here's an annoying experience recently from somewhere I've shopped before.

* * * 
* * *

The security answer is the order number.  Should I re-order again?

I entered a 30% coupon code of "samsbirthday" or something like that which was a pop up when I logged on.  Unfortunately, when I entered it on my cart page, I received an error message that "the coupon had expired".  

I can be your customer service thermometer if you would like.  Sharing customer experience and how you are doing from my perspective or what went wrong.

That would be worth the same as any affiliate discount.   Whoever manages your social media Twitter account is sluggish.  That is usually a sign of someone who is hungover or too busy with their smart phone.  

Now is the time to get your act together.  Make your mistakes.  Iron the kinks out of the system.  Put customer service advocacy your most important goal.  Create a culture that because you genuinely like the people you work with, you don't want to let them down, you step up to do more of your share.  That resonates with the customers they serve.  Without customers, you have no business which equates to less for people to do, followed by less people required to do what is declining.    

Start a recognition program:  my most favorite was getting a plastic OSCAR statue where we started the first day of the week, Monday, at 9 am huddle with someone holding the KUDOS trophy, telling the group what spectacular or thoughtful thing one of its members did the week before.  How they helped the team achieve some pretty big goals, their part in it, but more of how they did more than what they had been asked.  Then the significant emblem of team work and respect is displayed where they work for that week.